Finding Your Garden Wedding Inspiration

Finding Your Garden Wedding Inspiration

 When planning weddings, gardens always serve as whimsical and romantic wedding inspiration for many brides. Many couples have found unique ways to work their love for gardens into every wedding detail, from the food all the way down to the decor. Today, on The Bride Link we are giving you some wedding inspiration when it comes to incorporating your love for the garden. 

The Eternity Rose: A rose is the ultimate symbol of eternal love! An iconic image for most, The Eternity Rose is a real rose that has been custom crafted to last forever. These picturesque roses are handpicked from private gardens overseen by qualified horticulturalists to ensure only perfect roses make the cut. Once completed, they are preserved eternally and won’t tarnish or fade over time. Give guests a chance to view your Eternity Rose in person! Including them as the main centerpiece for the couple's sweetheart table can really create a...


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