A complete guide to faux wedding flowers

A complete guide to faux wedding flowers

Today, on The Bride Link, Silk Stem Collective is here is to give ya'll some information about faux wedding flowers! When it comes to setting the tone and style of a wedding, florals are one of the most important decisions. Picking flowers is also one of the most fun parts! But amazing flower arrangements typically don’t come cheap and many couples struggle to stay within their floral budget. With the ever-improving quality of faux flowers, more and more couples are considering fresh flower alternatives as a less expensive, more durable floral option. 

First, let’s look at two of the most popular faux flower options: Sola wood and Silk Flowers.

Sola Wood Flowers

What are sola wood flowers?

Sola wood flowers are an affordable and sustainable alternative to fresh flowers. They are made from thin, lightweight pieces of wood similar to balsa wood (think of the material used to build a model airplane). The thin pieces of...


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