Unique Wedding Send Off Ideas


Five Ideas for a Unique Wedding Send Off Ideas (That Don't Include Sparklers!)

You have planned everything for your wedding so far, except for your wedding exit! So let's find a wedding send off just as unique as you!

Sparklers may be the classic choice; however, some venues do not allow sparklers due to various rules set in place or with fire codes. We've gathered some ideas for a wedding exit sparkler alternative. If you want to stand out from the crowd, these unique send-off ideas will be sure to wow you and your guests. There are various send-off options beyond sparklers that still create a beautiful and enjoyable moment that will last a lifetime. For more planning help, grab your FREE copy of our Wedding Floral Cheat Sheet!

1. Bubbles

Entertainment for the kids and the adults! A bubble send off is an enjoyable exit to your wedding and a low cost alternative. A bubble send off option requires no clean up and is something guests can enjoy as their favor even after the wedding is...


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