Food Trucks for a Wedding with Gelato Brothers


Food Trucks for a Wedding with Gelato Brothers

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Today, on The Bride Link podcast, we're talking all about food trucks at weddings and creamy gelato! If you're considering using food trucks for a wedding to feed your guests, join us to learn basic tips every couple should know! We'll discuss the pros and cons of using food trucks at weddings and creative ways to feature them! We have some first-hand tips for you since we're joined by food truck Shawn with Gelato Brothers! They've got a food truck that they can bring to your event that offers a European style, dessert experience. Give your guests the feeling of being in a cafe in Europe sharing a little coffee, and a little gelato! It's something your guests will find memorable and delicious! Give them a unique offering like a world-famous Brogato pour over!

He'll share basic tips and facts couples should consider when offering...


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