Seven Ideas to Add Humor to Your Marriage Proposal

When it’s your turn to get down on one knee and hold out the ring, loosen up a bit. Marriage proposals are serious affairs, but the event does not need to feel stiff and sometimes dull. You can set it up with lots of laughs, awws, smiles, and tears. It’s one of the best days of your life, so make it a happy and delightful occasion.

Humor sprinkled here and there won’t dent the sincerity of your intent. You have proof in the form of a diamond engagement ring that you bought after many days or weeks of careful searching. Do remember what you’ve gone through to find the right ring.



Here’s the rest to convince her to say yes to your lighthearted attempt at the proposal.


1. Put the Pun in Fun

You’ve written your partner poems and letters, and you can prepare a short speech for the proposal event. Impress her with your wit and your talent for stringing words that will make her and everyone else laughs. Think of poking fun...


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