Wedding Bartending Budgets


Budgeting The Amount Of Alcohol To Order For Your Wedding

Today on The Bride Link, we're discussing wedding bartending! Keep these tips in mind when planning a bar for your wedding. Wedding bartenders like Vital Event Services are an excellent choice for couples looking to serve drinks during their event. An experienced bartender at wedding will help keep your guests safe and serve alcoholic beverages in accordance with all the rules set by the state and your venue.  In Tennessee, every bartender must hold a valid Servers Permit to serve drinks during an event. Also, the bartender is the only person allowed to serve alcoholic beverages. Self-serving drinks, drinking before the bar opens, or operating a bar without a permitted server is prohibited and could result in your bar or wedding ending early. All venues that allow bar service requires couples to hire a licensed bartender, and some even require additional insurance coverage!

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