What You Need for A Backyard Wedding


 What You Need for A Backyard Wedding

Are you considering having a backyard wedding? Not sure what you'll need or what you might forget? Then this is the perfect podcast for you! We're giving away our top backyard wedding tips. Don't forget to grab your FREE copy of our Wedding Day Emergency Kit, a complete list of everything you may need on your wedding day!


The number one thing that might be missing if you're planning on having a wedding in your own space is the appropriate number of bathrooms! Start researching your available options before sending out your invitations. Your layout and the guest count will determine the number of bathrooms you need to accommodate your event. This is especially critical if you're home runs on a septic tank. If you plan on inviting more than a few people and you don't want them trafficking inside your home, you may have limited options. For example, if you only have one bathroom on the first floor, you might want to consider...


Tips For Planning A Honeymoon


Planning Tips For Your Honeymoon

Today we're talking all about tips for planning a honeymoon! It's commonly forgotten that one of the most fun things while planning a wedding is what happens when it's all over. The excitement of planning a honeymoon vacation that you take with your new spouse should be part of your wedding experience. Honeymoon planning can be a bit overwhelming! So, where do you start? We have a few tips for you to help you plan, so your honeymoon goes off without a hitch. Pun intended! For more expert wedding planning help, grab your FREE copy of our Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist!

First, start honeymoon planning early so you can get the best prices! You would want to book your honeymoon eight months prior if at all possible. This way, you have time to shop around and price check.

Next, work together. Honeymoon planning should be a decision that you and your spouse make together. Pick a place that both of you would like or a location that means something to...


Outdoor Atlanta Engagement Session

Kristin and Darin met through mutual friends but they really at a little Atlanta landmark called Johnny's Hideaway. It was one of their favorite spots to go to on a night out and it still is! Darin told Kristin that he was meeting friends at the bar on the rooftop of their place. Kristin headed up after and there Darin was holding two glasses of martinis with a photographer to capture the entire moment. They then celebrated by going to Doraku Sushi, the place they had their first date, and had their whole family there to surprise her. After dinner, they headed out to have a few more celebratory drinks at Johnny's Hideaway and all their closest friends were there to surprise them!

The engagement ring was a rose gold band with a solitaire 1.7 karat diamond that was hand-selected by Darin and made by Solomon Brothers. The engagement shoot attire was a flowy white dress for the garden photos and for the beltline pictures the attire was casual but with a pop of color. With the ...


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