How To Avoid Family Drama At Your Wedding


How To Avoid Family Drama At Your Wedding

Welcome to The Bride Link podcast, your home for expert wedding planning advice! Today we're talking all about how to have a drama free wedding! If you're lucky and everybody on both sides of your family gets along there is little chance of family drama on your wedding day! Families are complicated, and if you're dealing with any family drama concerning divorced parents, individuals outside of your immediate family that might cause a little bit of strain then join us for some easy tips to help avoid complications. Use these four tips to help control wedding day drama before it event begins. You can also grab your FREE copy of our Ceremony Cheat Sheet to plan and separate family members if needed!

As a wedding planner, at one of our planning meetings for a specific wedding last year, a groom let me know that he did not like his stepmother. Unfortunately, his father had already planned for her to be at the wedding and...


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