Appetizers For Your Wedding


Today, on The Bride Link, we're talking all about why appetizers can be really important for your wedding menu! The cocktail hour for weddings can be a great opportunity to showcase some incredible treats! Planning food for wedding receptions can be incredibly fun, especially if you coordinate your reception food offerings with your wedding happy hour menu. Wedding appetizers can be anything you want! Just be mindful your guests will be socializing and also drinking at the same time. Stick to finger foods, simple ingredients, and easy to handle dishes that will allow them to interact with each other once they've sampled your delicious cocktail hour menu! For more help planning your wedding, check out our Clean Up Fact Sheet to make your wedding clean-up a breeze!

Appetizers for weddings can set the tone for your event while also complimenting the menu that you've already gotten planned for your entree. It can also be really important for your timeline! Offering appetizers makes it...


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