Elegant Birmingham Wedding

Allie and Dylan's downtown Birmingham wedding was so elegant and classic. From Allie's simple pearl necklace, to the antique pocket watch Dylan carried with him, every detail was thoughtfully curated. These two were the epitome of class on their wedding day. They made everyone, including their vendors, feel so welcome. Their reception at the historic downtown B&A Warehouse was beautifully executed, and was the perfect juxtaposition between old and new. The venue is located in the heart of the historic warehouse district, and Railroad Park across the street provided us withsome dreamy sunset portraits.

Allie and Dylan are both tax accountants and met at a training event held at Deloitte University. They introduced themselves and found themselves instantly bonding over their love of brisket nachos and old fashions. The only thing holding them back was the fact that they lived 150 miles away from each other.

They were quick to find a way to talk to each other through Skype for...


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