A Joyful Celebration of Love

Love blossoms in unexpected ways, and for Coy and Sarah, their journey begins with a twist of fate and the guiding hand of destiny. From their initial encounters sparked by accidental texting to heartfelt conversations in parking lots, their connection deepened into a love that neither anticipated. On a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the picturesque Peachtree Learning Center in Cookeville, Tennessee, they exchanged vows, surrounded by cherished family and friends. Their wedding day was a true reflection of their love, filled with heritage, elegance, and an abundance of joy.The Meeting

Coy and Sarah's paths crossed through mutual friends and a series of serendipitous moments. Conversations over coffees and chance encounters gradually revealed a divine plan at work. In just one month, they both knew that their union was guided by a higher power, an undeniable sign that they were meant to be together.The Wedding Day

On a chilly yet stunning Sunday afternoon, Coy and Sarah embarked on...


Embrace Elegance and Enchantment with Tess Mann Haute Couture's Captivating New Bridal Collection

For those seeking a gown that embodies timeless elegance, sophistication and grace, look no further than Tess Mann Haute Couture's latest bridal collection called New Discovery. With a seamless blend of exquisite craftsmanship and captivating design, these enchanting wedding dresses are set to make brides' dreams come true.

Unveiling the New Collection:

Tess Mann with Tess Mann Haute Couture, a renowned name in the bridal fashion industry, recently launched their highly anticipated new collection. Each meticulously crafted gown is a testament to the designer's unwavering commitment to creating bridal masterpieces that celebrate individuality and enhance natural beauty. The New Discovery collection features a wide range of styles and silhouettes, offering something unique for every bride, ensuring an unforgettable entrance on their special day.

Inspiration and Design Philosophy:

New Discovery is a curated collection that has utilized designs from previous collections by fashion...


Hailey and Eli’s Scenic Wedding at Chestnut Falls Venue in Tennessee

Hailey and Eli were wed at Chestnut Falls Venue in Sparta, Tennessee situated on the Highland Rim, near the western base of the Cumberland Plateau. The location offered stunning natural scenery, a covered deck, a glass-enclosed pavilion, and shabby chic decor items. This couple’s story goes way back to when they met in kindergarten, spent time apart then reunited after college. Every detail was extra sweet from the delicate ivory flowers paired with eucalyptus to the vintage-style elements to the darling bow on the back of Hailey’s wedding dress.

Hailey wore Bentley from Say Yes to the Dress television star and fashion designer, Randy Fenoli’s Beautiful Beginnings collection. Bentley is an exquisite A-line ball gown that exudes classic beauty. The dress boasts a simple yet intricate design, with draped fabric and wrapped ruching on the v-neck bodice that extends from the front to the back. Bentley's skirt features cascading flounces and gathers that create...


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