Enchanting Wedding at Duck Pond Manor

Enchanting Wedding at Duck Pond Manor

Kailee and Isaac got hitched at the enchanting all-inclusive mansion venue, Duck Pond Manor, in Sparta, Tennessee. These two met at a high school basketball game and have been inseparable ever since! Their wedding venue dates back to 1861 and was originally known as England Manor. The entire 5,000-square-foot building was built using bricks fired in a kiln on the property. Even the original Apple House still stands behind the mansion. With so much history between Kailee and Isaac, it feels very symbolic that they picked such a historical landmark to say, “I do.”Kailee’s Advice for Other Couples

“It was the perfect day! If I had any advice for other engaged couples it would be to pick an all-inclusive venue,” says the bride, Kailee.

Duck Pond Manor provided several of Kailee and Isaac’s vendors. Their catering, florist, and cake were all provided by her venue. Luckily enough, the couple was given the...


How to stay on budget!


Tips For A Wedding

How To Stay On Budget

Today on The Bride Link, expert planning tips for a wedding, specifically how to stay on budget! Budgeting for your wedding is extremely important and our easy tips on wedding planning will save you time and money but, most importantly, stress. These sensible planning tips will help keep your wedding on budget. Don't forget to grab your free copy of our Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist to help ensure you're ready for anything!


1. Determine the type of wedding that you want to have.

Where will it be held? What type of wedding will it be? How many guests do you think you want to invite? All of these are going to have a significant impact on your budget. A smaller wedding focusing on fewer guests can help your budget go further. Venue selection and catering represent a large portion of the money you'll spend. So, the more guests you invite, the more space you'll need, and the more food you have to buy. All of this means...


How To Pick A Wedding Date

How to pick a wedding date!

As a newly engaged couple, one of the first things you may ask yourselves is "how to pick a wedding date!" It's an important question and picking a wedding date shouldn't be done in a hurry! We recommend considering a few factors before you decide.

Since all your friends and family are eager to find out about the wedding day, you'll frequently run into the same question, "so when is the wedding?" There's a reason for this. After determining your budget, securing a wedding date is one of the most critical choices you have to make during your wedding planning. Do you want an outdoor wedding? Do you want a ceremony during the warmer months? Are you dreaming of jingle bells and sleigh rides? Then a winter holiday wedding is perfect for you.

Regardless of what date you decide, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a wedding date. But first, grab a FREE copy of our Emergency Wedding Kit Checklist and be prepared for anything on your wedding day!



Tips for planning the perfect proposal!


How to Propose!

You've decided to ask your partner to marry you, congratulations!  Now you realize don't have the first clue on how to propose! Here are some tips for proposal ideas. The Bride Link has you covered with tips for proposal. We've provided you with the Who, What, Where, and When to help make your proposal unforgettable. Grab your FREE copy of our Wedding Day Emergency Kit List to get a jump start on your wedding planning!

Who else will know about your proposal?

If your fiancé comes from a traditional family, you’ll need to consider asking the parents for their blessing before getting down on one knee. Some fun ideas might be to take the parents out for a nice dinner or doing their favorite activity while your other half isn’t around. Make sure you have a conversation about this so that you aren’t skipping a step or stepping on any toes! Another option to consider is whether or not you want friends to know if you’re about to propose....


How to Pick the Perfect Venue

When planning a wedding, there are so many choices that it can be overwhelming! Will you wear a suit or tux? How many bridesmaids should I have? While all of those choices are optional, there is one that is vital to your wedding: your venue! But picking out the perfect location to say “I Do” can be a daunting task! Luckily, we have come up with some tips to help you find your perfect wedding venue.


Many venues will have rules about what you can and cannot do for your wedding. Art galleries might ask you to not use real candles, while a barn might ask you to not use artificial petals lining your ceremony aisle. A local park or beach might require a permit for hosting a wedding ceremony. If the rules do not coincide with your vision, then it might be best to look elsewhere. Make sure to ask your venue what their rules are regarding alcohol, decor, grand exit options, catering, etc. 


You’ve heard this before from realtors: Location,...


Avoiding Family Drama On Your Wedding Day


Avoiding Family Drama At Your Wedding

Weddings are about celebrating the love of two people alongside friends and family. When planning your wedding day, you may have concerns about family drama becoming involved. It is essential to prepare for these concerns before your wedding so you and your family can enjoy your special day stress-free. Here are our top 3 tips for dealing with family drama on your wedding day:

 Hire a Day of Wedding Coordinator

Hiring a day-of wedding coordinator will ensure you have a neutral party on your side to ensure the day goes smoothly. Informing your coordinator on any family drama will allow them to plan accordingly. They may strategically plan aspects of the day from seating and photography timing so that individual family members do not cross paths. A day of wedding coordinator can also directly address any issues that may arise so that you can relax and have fun on your wedding day! 

 Divorced Parents 

 Estranged Family...


How to arrange your wedding processional!


How to Arrange Your Wedding Processional

You’ve planned everything for your big day and maybe just forgot one little detail. How will you and your wedding party walk down the aisle?! What is your wedding ceremony order?! Don’t you worry, another second! Today, this video focuses on the traditional way to order your wedding processional, and then we’re going to tell you how to personalize it! But first, grab a free copy of our Ceremony Cheat Sheet to help you finalize your plan!

Processionals are all about preplanning, practice, and timing. Keep these in mind when customizing what order to walk down the aisle. Keep in mind there is not an official way order for how to plan your wedding ceremony entry and exit; do what feels right to you! Sexes don’t matter, but there should be a lead side of the family. Be consistent with this across groups.

First, decide to include grandparents into your processional.

If you have elected to include your grandparents, start...


North Carolina Fall Mountain Wedding

North Carolina Fall Mountain Wedding 

Hi everyone! Welcome to another day on The Bride Link. Today, we are introducing Micaela and Dakota’s stunning fall wedding. Fall held on just long enough for Micaela and Dakota to be married among the most beautiful colors! Their intimate wedding at Kinloch Place was absolutely gorgeous, totally private, and so very incredible in all the amazing fall colors! Just as Micaela and Dakota envisioned it, they hosted their perfect wedding here in the mountains of western North Carolina. The couples wedding vision was all boho and colorful and that is exactly what their wedding vibe was! From the beautiful foliage to her boho wedding dress and the views this wedding was absolutely breathtaking! They chose a private luxury rental in Hendersonville, NC and goodness did it provide! This property should honestly be called an estate. It included a huge luxury home for their guests to stay on site with them in style, a large piece of land...


Wedding Day Emergency Kit: Everything A Bride Needs



Today on The Bride Link, we are talking all about what the bride needs in her emergency kit so she can be prepared for her wedding. You should literally be ready for anything, especially in an emergency! That's what we suggest that you should create a wedding day emergency kit and have it with you all day long. Grab your free copy of our Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist to help get you started!

Now, in all honesty, it's best to create two different types of kits, so this blog will focus on your personal kit and everything that you should have on you as the bride or groom. It’s best to have any needed items within your reach. Then we’ll have another blog that outlines your setup kit or decorating kit. So the person that is going to be doing all of our decor and all of your setup as well as managing all of your vendors needs to have that kit on them. One reason why we have to separate kits is that we want you to make...


What Goes In Wedding Invitations?


What Goes In Wedding Invitations?

Today on The Bride Link we're talking all about what goes in your wedding invitations! Use this video as a wedding invitation guide and include everything you want or don't want! There are what is considered formal invitations that include multiple textured pieces of paper with intricate lettering and lattice accents...that won't be cheap. If you're simply looking for a wedding invitation FAQ, you've found it! Starting your wedding invitations seems easy at first, but if you've hit a jam, we are here to help!  You can also check out our FREE Ceremony Cheat Sheet! It will help you plan your ceremony using expert wedding planning advice!

 So if you're just getting started with wedding planning, this might be a point of confusion for you. Of course, you know that you need to include the date and time of the ceremony, but what else needs to go in there? 

Let's talk about the invitation itself first. This is usually going to be the largest...


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