Knoxville Wedding Photographer: 2 Hodges Photography

Today we're highlighting this outstanding Knoxville Wedding Photographer: 2 Hodges Photography!


Steve and Kandi have been a wedding photography team for 7 years. They are able to trust what the other is doing throughout the wedding day and know they are capturing all of your most important photos. They like to say that when they shoot events it feels more like a choreographed dance, a duet perfected through years of experience. They see scenes differently and shoot differently, meaning Steve gets more of the close-ups while Kandi shoots more of the big, scenic shots. Their couples always love that Steve is actually the one who takes care of making sure the wedding dress looks perfect all throughout the wedding day!

"It's an advantage to us that we know what our strengths are, we have different strengths, and these help us provide a professional and fun wedding day that results in gorgeous wedding photos."


"It's important to have a plan and then be able to go...


Knoxville Wedding Calligraphy: The TriStar Scribe

The TriStar Scribe is a Knoxville Calligrapher who offers custom calligraphy for traditional paper & ink products and signage!


Devon Adrianne Photography

Brittany Ivey, owner, and calligrapher, of the TriStar Scribe, specializes in creating handwritten touches that just cannot be replicated with print. “I do nothing digital,” she says, “My calligraphy is a traditional art with a modern aesthetic. I genuinely want my couples to share beauty through one of the most tangible aspects of their wedding. I decided to pursue calligraphy after doing my own envelopes and signage for my wedding! Once I learned to appreciate the different strokes and supplies involved, I fell in love.”

Her calligraphy is entirely hand-created! When a couple works with her, she ensures that their vision is brought to life in its entirety. For Brittany, this is technically a side hustle but it never feels that way. She likes to joke with brides that while calligraphy may not pay the...


Knoxville Wedding Venue: The Barn at Meadow Farms

The Barn at Meadow Farms is an amazing Knoxville wedding venue that features a rustic built barn designed with weddings in mind!


This truly unique venue offers amazing amenities yet still accommodates most budgets. In fact, it’s exactly how The Barn at Meadow Farms came to be. Taya Cable, who serves as Venue Manager for the farm, began a search for a venue for her own wedding with great optimism. She quickly realized that there were not many choices available for what she wanted. “With no luck in finding something I loved, I talked my grandparents into building The Barn at Meadow Farms! I've managed it for them ever since. We've had the pleasure of meeting with so many unique and creative couples.”


They opened their doors and beautiful green fields in April of 2015 and have loved hosting events ever since. Taya admits weddings are her favorite, “I absolutely enjoy every single part of the process but thoroughly love...


Knoxville String Trio: Robyn James Ensembles

Robyn James Ensembles play live music for weddings and events in the Chattanooga, Crossville, Knoxville, Maryville, Smoky Mountains, and Oak Ridge areas. They absolutely love to perform at weddings and offer a quality live music experience that isn’t found in most ceremonies today.


Photo: Photography by Erick

“I still remember when we got started,” she says, “While studying music in graduate school, a classmate said "You know what, Robyn? We should get a group together and play weddings." The rest is history, 15 years of history in fact! This year marks the 15th consecutive year Robyn and her group have performed extraordinary music for a variety of events. Her string group stands out because they will play almost anything that couples ask them to. They've played music from Star Trek, Star Wars, the Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Jurassic Park, as well as tunes by the Beatles, Coldplay, and even Fetty Wap! Robyn Ensembles can...


Knoxville Wedding Photographer: Jamie Weiss Photography


Jamie Weiss Photography is a well-established, Tennessee wedding photographer who's been operating since 2003! She offers wedding photography in Chattanooga, Crossville, Knoxville, Maryville, Nashville, Smoky Mountains, and the Tri-City areas. At Jamie Weiss Photography, the goal is to go above and beyond for any couple that chooses to work with her, even if that means doing things that are not photography related!  Helping couples document their wedding day was the inspiration to start her business and she strives to make the day as near-perfect as possible!


She achieves this in several ways, most importantly by asking a lot of questions about the wedding details which helps her plan the scheduling for any wedding day. She believes preparation prior to the wedding is highly important to make the actual day go smoothly. She also advises talking to friends and family who are already married, to find out what worked for them and...


6 Best Tips for Appetizers

Serving appetizers can be an essential part of keeping your guests happy. It can be easy for budget-conscious couples to try to skip the cocktail hour so that you can eat with your guests after photos. But there is nothing worse than keeping your guests hungry and waiting for you to arrive! Guests will actually leave early in search of eating something hearty instead of waiting for you to do your first dance. We’ve provided some tips to help you keep your guests happy instead of hungry!


How much food should you plan for?

If your Cocktail Hour, or your “Appy Hour” if you have a non-alcoholic reception, count on 2-4 bites per person per hour. So 2-4 bites per person for 1 hour, 5-6 bites per person for 1 ½-2 hours, 8-10 for anything longer than 2 hours. If you plan to replace a meal with heavy hor derves, then you’ll need 12-15 bites per person.


Length of Time

The health department recommends having food out for 2 hours or less. The...


Blue Winter Wedding Color Ideas

Elegant Winter Wedding Inspiration

My winter wedding color series continues today with this chilly color board titled “Winter Elegance!” A variety of powder blue shades with a contrasting ocean blue, combine to create an icy, wintery feel while still offering elegance and class. Cream accents bring the whole board together for a lovely winter wedding color palette!

Bride: Photo by Anastasiya Belik via Burnett’s Boards | Groom: Photo by  Erich McVey via Oncewed | Bouquet: Photo by  Shalynne Imaging Photography via Wedding Chicks | Shoes and Stationary: Photo by Kibogo Photography via Magnolia Rouge | Tablescape: Photo by Melanie Gabrielle via Weddings Unveiled | Place setting: Photo by Live View Studio via Grey Likes Weddings


How to Write Wedding Thank You Cards

It’s hard to believe that after all the work of planning a wedding, there is still more to do once the wedding is over! You still need to write your Thank You cards! After all, your family and friends were the ones who traveled all that way to see you two tie the knot and took time and money to find you the perfect gift. There are so many different rules to follow for Thank You Cards that it can get overwhelming. We have provided you with some tips to keep your wedding etiquette prim and proper.



Proper etiquette states that Thank You cards needs to be sent within 3 Months of the event. If you have a large guest count, make sure to spread out writing thank you cards over several days' time. Otherwise, it will become a daunting task. Also, writing out thank you cards can go by so much faster if you both complete the task rather than one person having to tackle such a massive project!


 Be Specific

Thank your guests for coming as well as the gift...


How Much Alcohol Should I Buy?

alcohol tips
Photo by: Erin Morrison Photography

There are so many lists that you have to manage before the Big Day! One of the most common questions that we see is how much alcohol should you provide for your wedding. We’ve provided these tips so that you can have a fun and classy wedding!


  • It is a good idea to serve 1 drink per person per hour of the event. In other words, one guests will have up to 5 glasses of wine (1 drink x 5-hour cocktail hour and reception).
  • During the winter months, your might want 60% of wine to be red and 40% to be white because red wine isn’t chilled. During the summer months, your guests might prefer a chilled white wine so be sure to have 60% white wine and 40% red wine.
  • In lieu of a full bar, we suggest you provide a couple of signature drinks. Not only are different liquors more expensive, but you also have to provide all the garnishes such as: orange juice, cherries, club soda, etc. Also keep in mind that the larger variety that you offer,...

Wedding Planner in Knoxville: Absolute Wedding Perfection Vendor Spotlight

For many couples, planning a wedding will be one of the biggest events that you will ever plan. There are so many intricate details that are involved, not to mention coordinating with your vendors to make sure that everything is perfect. That is why we highly recommend hiring a wedding coordinator. A wedding coordinator takes care of taking your vision of your wedding and making them a reality! Angie Froemel, with Absolute Wedding Perfection, is an amazing wedding coordinator based out of Knoxville. Angie is originally from West Virginia, but fell in love with everything that Knoxville has to offer! The Bride Link took a moment to talk with Angie about some of her favorite parts of making your day beautiful! 

knoxville wedding planner
Photo by: Tara Kneiser Photography

How long have you been in business?

I have been in business since 2008, so for over a decade now!

What brought you into the wedding industry?

I started as a local news producer, but knew that one day I eventually wanted to be my own...


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