Ways to Stay Warm for Fall and Winter Weddings

Fall and Winter Wedding Coverup Ideas

Today’s feature is for all the fall and winter brides that are concerned about how to stay warm when the sun sets and they need a bit of a cover up. Below are a few of my all time favorite ways to not only look stylish but to keep your teeth from rattling against the cold weather on a day you should look and feel your most beautiful!

The Cardigan

Adding a cardigan over your wedding dress is not only a great way to stay warm for a fall or winter wedding, but it can be used as a beautiful pop of color that complements your color palette. I love how the cardigans seen below match the brides’ bouquets!



Button-Up Shirt

Whether you choose flannel or denim, a button-up shirt can be a fun way to flaunt a little southern style while staying warm in the cold weather!


Knitted Sweaters and Scarves

Nothing says cozy and warm like a knitted sweater or scarf! Below are a few of my favorite ways to wear them. Around the neck or off the...


Fall Wedding in the Smoky Mountains




Marylynne and Jeremy were the sweetest couple. After sharing a wonderful relationship, they decided to plan a fall Tennessee wedding day in the mountains. The Magnolia Venue served at the perfect location for their special day. With a breathtaking mountain view and versatile ceremony and reception space, they knew it was meant to be. Marylynne adored burgundy for the season and decided to make the color the inspiration for the day. Complementing blue and gold along with neutral colors completed the design. Natural details such as wood cut outs for each guest name at their table and farm house style seating elevated the couple’s reception. Every last detail was accounted for with the invitations made from hand torn paper and hand brushed 24k gold by Custom Love Gifts.



For her wedding day style, Marylynne wore a sweetheart neckline dress with beading and sparkly gold heels. Her hair was naturally curled with a diamond piece pinned in the back. She...


Fall Wedding Color Ideas


Enjoy all of the color boards below to be inspired for your own fall wedding, and make sure to comment with which one is your favorite!



Winter Wedding Flower Ideas

The winter season can be harsh weather for people, animals, and especially plants. Flowers may not fully bloom during this season, which may discourage you and your partner from having a winter wedding. Don’t allow this cold weather to ruin your plans, for there are several blooms that are continuously blooming throughout the year or flourish during the winter season that is still great for bridal bouquets and ceremony arrangements, centerpieces at receptions, or boutonnieres. Here are some winter wedding flower ideas that you may consider for your wedding day.

Amaryllis is popularly known as holiday flowers, which are available in shades of white and red. There are plenty more colors available, with some of them having bright color shade, great for a bouquet.


Blooming abundantly during the winter season, Ranunculus can add tons of character to your bouquet. If you are looking for soft florals similar to peonies, you can opt...


How Much Should You Spend On Groomsmen Gifts?

Wedding ceremonies continue to change in more meaningful ways over the years. There is a wide array of themes, venues, and gift-giving ideas that you can choose from. The list of essentials for every wedding is continuously growing and becoming increasingly more attractive. 

But the basic foundation of having a wedding will remain the same. When two people wish to spend the rest of their lives together, the way to eternalize that commitment is by exchanging “I dos” in front of a marriage officiant. It is a truth universally acknowledged by social and religious conventions across the world. When it comes to wedding ceremonies, there are tons of directions couples can take it even more unforgettable.


A combination of sales insights from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts and data from the Wedding Report maps out details on every state’s wedding profile. The report is presented with a visually engaging map. It showcases what you need to know in terms of...


How To Find The Perfect Men's Wedding Ring

How To Find The Perfect Men’s Ring


Deciding on what ring to get your significant other can be tricky especially if they aren’t used to wearing some kind of jewelry. With tons of different designs, metals, and colors it can all be overwhelming. Your ring search can be made easy with shopping on Men’s Rings Online. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect ring online!



1. Know his vision. Make sure you are both on the same page on what he wants in his ring. With all of the beautiful designs, you have a hundred designs to choose from. You need to consider his personality and lifestyle to help you choose his perfect ring. If you not worried about it being a surprise, ask him! He could very well give you insight you have no idead he even considered.

2. Know your budget. On the site, you can go through and filter your budget into what you are looking at.  The most awful thing is when you’re online shopping and you...


How to Personalize Your Wedding with Stickers

Today at The Bride Link, we’re discussing personalization! Every single couple has different ways they personalize their individual weddings. This is the best, easiest, and most cost-effective way to make them feel truly memorable. We’re here to make your wedding day as unique as you are with the help of custom stickers!

Buying something and finding out that you get a free sticker with your purchase is an amazing feeling! Everyone loves stickers and they are the easiest way to personalize your event and add special touches your guests will absolutely notice. StickerYou allows you to make and order die-cut custom stickers in any size, shape, and quantity. You can upload your image or logo, or create and customize from thousands of images using their Sticker Editor. All custom sticker orders are printed on the highest quality weather-proof vinyl materials! They offer so many amazing ways to incorporate small personal touches into your wedding!...


Food Trucks for a Wedding with Gelato Brothers


Food Trucks for a Wedding with Gelato Brothers

Welcome to The Bride Link podcast, your home for expert wedding planning advice! 

Today, on The Bride Link podcast, we're talking all about food trucks at weddings and creamy gelato! If you're considering using food trucks for a wedding to feed your guests, join us to learn basic tips every couple should know! We'll discuss the pros and cons of using food trucks at weddings and creative ways to feature them! We have some first-hand tips for you since we're joined by food truck Shawn with Gelato Brothers! They've got a food truck that they can bring to your event that offers a European style, dessert experience. Give your guests the feeling of being in a cafe in Europe sharing a little coffee, and a little gelato! It's something your guests will find memorable and delicious! Give them a unique offering like a world-famous Brogato pour over!

He'll share basic tips and facts couples should consider when offering...


Planning A Wedding During The Coronavirus Pandemic? Here Are 4 Things You Need To Know.

Planning A Wedding During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Here Are 4 Things You Need To Know

It's hard to plan a wedding, let alone do it in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. You're faced with unique challenges that no one has ever gone through before. You can't even go out to meet your vendors or do a suit or bridal fitting. 

We know you have a lot of questions in mind right now, like how are you supposed to get past all these, or should you cancel your wedding instead. It's overwhelming, but don't fret - we're here to help you take the stress out of planning by answering those questions and providing some expert advice. Everything will go smoothly, maybe just not as previously planned. Here's what you need to know about wedding planning during the pandemic:

Postponing and Rescheduling

It seems like the easiest way around the problem is to postpone the wedding to a later date, but that presents many challenges as well. You have to give out postponement announcements,...


Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Set Up Kit


Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Set Up Kit

Today on The Bride Link, you can find out exactly what you need to pack in your wedding day emergency kit! For a quick cheat sheet, get your FREE copy of our Wedding Day Emergency Kit List! 

To be as prepared as you can be for your wedding day, it's best to create two different types of kits. Today, we're addressing your Set-Up Kit, which lists everything that your set-up person should have while decorating for a wedding. Also called your decor kit, it helps solve easy problems as soon as they pop up. If you've opted to have a friend or family member do your wedding decor, they'll have access to common items and won't need to bother you, the guest of honor, while you're getting ready on such an important day. We discussed building your Personal Kit on a separate blog, which focuses on what you need on hand while getting ready. It's full of items like bobby pins, hairspray, deodorant, and that's for you as the...


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