Six Ways To Cure Your Post-Wedding Blues

Six Ways To Cure Your Post-Wedding Blues

First, you have a bridal shower followed by your engagement, bachelorette parties, your big wedding day, and then depression. Wait, what? Post-wedding blues are not uncommon. Although it is majorly seen in women, it can be seen among many other people too like parents, relatives, etc. . It is every girl’s dream to have a beautiful wedding as it is one of the remarkable and most memorable milestones of her life. 

With year-long planning, a series of various events ranging from cocktail parties, bridal showers, meanwhile meeting your best friends and your relatives, being the center of attention, and then suddenly realizing that your big day is over, it is pretty natural to feel low and depressed. More and more newlyweds are experiencing and anxious about it. At this unexpected low time after your wedding, when you feel that emptiness, we call post-wedding blues most of the time for weeks or maybe months. 


Why Do People Feel Post-Wedding Blues? 

 There are many reasons behind having post-wedding blues. The first one is the dopamine crash, i.e., your happy hormone crashing. Before your big day, you, your parents, and your relatives invest a lot of time into planning and rehearsing, where adrenaline starts pumping and cortisol levels start building up. 


The next reason behind feeling blue could be the feeling of connection and then suddenly not connected. So, post your wedding, when everybody starts moving to their homes, you start dwelling upon those recent cheerful days you spend with them. The third reason could be glamour. 

 When you know that you have to wear a certain look on your big day, you start taking more care of your skin; you start pampering your skin more than ever. But post-wedding, the sudden disconnectivity from your closed ones and having that empty feeling just doesn’t let you enjoy that skincare routine again. 

 Another reason could be a reality check. It could be starting with a new job, and for some, it could be starting with a new family or buying a new house, or it could be moving to a new town. So this reality check could hit off a lot of newlyweds. There could be many more reasons behind post-wedding blues, and it is essential to cure them. Hence, the following are some of the ways to cure your post-wedding blues and fill that void of your life super soon. 


1. Conversation is the key

 Before these blues hit you off, have a conversation with your spouse that there is a possibility of me or you going through it. Wedding is such an auspicious and cherishable day of both of your lives that you would want your post-wedding days to be memorable too. 

 So, sharing your thoughts, speaking about everything you are going through, or you might go through in the future, could be helpful for both of you. It is also a belief that women perform better in every field they pursue, given a strong support network. So, you and your partner have to accept all the emotions and convey them to each other. You can also have a chat with your best pals regarding such events. Conveying your honest feelings to your loved ones helps!


2. Hangout and socialize with other newlyweds

 Getting married doesn’t mean that all the fun-part has gone away. It is always easy to keep your spirits up by hanging out with the people going through the same transition of their lives. This way, the other couple and you and your spouse would also feel light and joyous in no time. But this doesn’t mean that you forget your old single friends. After-all they would be the ones who would be ready to take care of you in your lows. 


3. Set up your next goal

 Getting married is one of the most beautiful milestones of your life. It is a life-changing and turning point of life too for a lot of people. But what to do after your big day is over? Well, life doesn’t stop after these breathtaking moments of our lives. To keep the excitement going, you should always keep planning about your life goals, future life, impact, and effect on your coming generations. So, set up your new goal and give in your all to achieve it! 

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4. Explore more about yourself by starting up with something new

Be it cooking or painting, going on a long-trek or teaching, dancing or vlogging; there is always so much for all of us to do in our lives. Especially, the newlyweds need to keep themselves busy. 

 So, either start learning some new exciting and thrilling skills by yourself or sign up for classes before or after your honeymoon. You can also start learning some skills and friends so that you don’t feel that emptiness anymore. 


5. Make it exciting by involving your partner!

 Well, you are not single anymore, so why should you do stuff alone? Be it making that crispy breakfast or scrumptious dinner, cut those onions and tomatoes along with your spouse. 

 Binge-watch, those funny series, take a late-night walk, enjoy those warm cuddles on cozy nights, or play tennis with your soulmate. Not only would you be cherishing these beautiful days together and learning those new skills, but you would know each other better every time. 


6. Consult a counselor

It has been observed that post-wedding blues continue for more than a couple of months or more in some cases. This might be a serious health issue and needs to be checked by a proper psychologist or a marital counselor. If you see signs of depression, bipolar disorder, or a sense of hopelessness for the major part of your partner's day, do not wait for the situation to worsen. Consult a counselor or psychologist super soon. 

 So, these were few tips to cure post-wedding blues for newlyweds. Hence, after your wedding day ends, keep your spirits ultra-high and that partying vibe too. After all, you are starting a new chapter of your life, making it super interesting and joyous, and enjoy the vibe!


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