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How important is wedding videography? Is booking a videographer worth the cost when planning a wedding? We've already booked a wedding photographer, so that should be enough, right? Almost every couple asks themselves these questions while planning a wedding. Most don't know that not booking a wedding videographer is one of the biggest regrets couples express after their event is over!

We've brought in Jake Shick, from Jake Shick Productions, a Knoxville wedding videographer, to discuss why capturing your wedding on video is worth it! Every couple should consider the pros and cons of booking wedding videography!

Jake relocated to Knoxville from Los Angeles, CA, where he worked for four years in the wedding industry for Matrimony Films. While new to the Knoxville area, Jake Shick Productions is ready to serve East Tennessee and venues worldwide. We sat down with Jake and asked him to share his knowledge and experience with us! 


What got you started in the wedding industry?

"Telling a story through the lens of a camera is has been my utmost passion since I was 12. Using video to capture the joy and exhilaration of a couple's wedding continues to fuel that passion. While I have spent time in the film industry creating incredible stories, I found my skills are at their peak when filming the love of two people at their wedding. Watching their excitement as they revisit their most precious day is the greatest gift any videographer can have. It's more than just capturing a wedding; it's telling a story the couple can relive thousand times over. It's the most incredible job ever!

Most couples have a budget they need to stick to, and a lot of times, there isn't enough of it to go around. What a lot of couples don't realize is what a great wedding video can capture. Photography is essential to every wedding, but photos only tell part of your wedding story! For example, whether I'm the videographer or a wedding guest, my favorite part of a wedding is hearing the well-thought-out speeches from the newlyweds' family members and close friends during the reception. Images can capture the moment, but wedding videography lets you relive them. Being able to hear those speeches again, whether it's the next day or maybe years later, is priceless. Hearing the memorable stories of the couple's history leads to moments of laughter and reflection that all couples should hear more than once! It creates a sense of unity across all the guests, and to me, it's those shared stories that reflect the impact they had on people's lives. Those are the moments I always look forward to!"


What is unique about your service? What separates your business from other wedding videography teams in the area?

 "So we try to do things differently at Jake Shick Productions; what I like to believe separates my business from others is not letting one's budget compromise the ability to capture the most important and emotional parts of such an important day. No matter the wedding package you decide to go with, Jake Shick Productions films every wedding in the same completeness with our added cinematic touch."

Booking a wedding with us will be the easiest and best decision a wedding couple can make! With our sincere commitment to putting together a great wedding film, our couples leave happy, guaranteed! We want the couple's story to be unique and expressed in the best way that truly captures their love story."


Do you have any specials or packages you would like us to highlight?

"We offer four fantastic wedding videography packages that further enhance the already great cinematic film!

 The Unbeatable Package is a great value package that offers:

  • One (1) videographer
  • Two (2) film cameras.
  • Eight (8) hours of film time.
  • Five (5) minute highlight


Our Gold Package includes:

  • Two (2) videographers
  • Three (3) film cameras
  • Aerial coverage.
  • Eight (8) hours of film time
  • Five (5) minute highlight


Our Diamond Package includes:

  • Two (2) videographers
  • Three (3) film cameras
  • Aerial coverage
  • Eight (8) hours of film time
  • A full wedding film
  • An Instagram trailer

The Platinum Package offers everything the Diamond Package includes with the addition of the five (5) minute highlight."


What can couples expect when contacting you?

"The beginning of every consultation with our team is about identifying impactful moments. My team values creating a complete cinematic film; we would hate for a couple to miss any crucial parts of their wedding day! There are many videographers with unique styles that are attractive for many newlyweds. Sometimes, those videographers miss critical moments like the vows during the ceremony or the reception speeches. Our team finds those events to be some of the most crucial parts of a wedding, and we want every couple to be able to watch and relive those moments.

So, how do we this? One of the most important parts is collaborating and planning with your other vendors. I must do my job well without getting in the way of anyone else doing theirs. If I filmed a great moment, but I ran the bride and groom late to their ceremony while also getting into the photographer's shot, did I really help make their jobs easier and give the couple something they want? Each vendor shares the responsibility of bringing together a fabulous wedding for the bride and groom! That can only be accomplished if everyone works together as a team, including your wedding planner, photographer, and all other service providers."


Any memorable projects or events you'd like to share?

"A great example is in the late fall of 2019; Southern California dealt with a significant brush fire known as the Thomas Fire. It had tragically destroyed numerous wedding venues causing many brides to relocate their planned event. One of the brides I worked with had only one week to reschedule, and she was truly devastated. However, she was able to find a new wedding venue in Las Vegas, Nevada, and all of her vendors worked together to adapt to the new location. With the amount of time given to adapt, the wedding event was a huge success, and the family couldn't have been happier with how it came out. It was a tragedy that turned into a beautiful success story that I was grateful to be a part of and shows what working together can accomplish"


What's your favorite thing about shooting weddings?

"My favorite part about working in the wedding industry is working in an environment that is always full of joy and excitement. Unlike other industries, every couple I work with is starting a new chapter in their lives. I enjoy capturing these momentous occasions on film and giving special attention to the bride-to-be. Helping the bride plan her wedding is hugely fulfilling, as is showcasing the groom's anticipation as he waits to see his bride walk down the aisle.

One of the biggest trends I'm finding when I meet with wedding couples is their importance of showing their wedding on social media. Social media continues to grow exponentially into the biggest platform of communication. Jake Shick Productions offers a one (1) minute wedding trailer highlighting all the most significant moments from the couple's wedding day. More importantly, it's compatible with every platform of social media!"


What wedding advice do you always share with couples?

"For most people, weddings only come once, and couples should enjoy their wedding day without stress or burden. The advice I share with every bride and groom is to invest in an experienced wedding coordinator before anything else. Great wedding coordinators will do all the necessary planning, reducing the stress they'll experience on a wedding day. The coordinator knows how to correctly set up and execute a successful timeline, a vital part of every wedding. The bride and groom can't oversee the logistics of their wedding day. The right coordinator will turn an overwhelming experience into one that seems effortless."

While new to the Knoxville area, Jake Shick Productions is excited to offer a new set of skills to the table. We can't wait to bring that experience to Tennessee and share our passion for putting together a great love story. 

If you're interested in learning more about Jake, his services, and more videos, check out his Facebook and Youtube pages!

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