Ghostly-Inspired Bridal Fashion Styled Shoot

It’s October and we are here for all the spooky ghost stories!  Who knew we have one of the oldest surviving opera houses in the United States right here in Tennessee with a myriad of reported hauntings? Antoinette Hall located in Pulaki, Tennessee may be one of the most haunted places in the state.  Reports show that groups and individuals have experienced cold spots, disembodied voices, shadow figures, equipment interaction, EVPs, footsteps, batteries being drained, people have been made physically sick to the point of vomiting, people have been scratched, black mist, a piano playing on its own, smells of flowers, the feeling of your energy being drained, feelings of being watched and being touched by unseen hands. Tess Mann, owner of Couture by Tess Bridal boutique in Cookeville, Tennessee, recently partnered with Tammy Pierchoski, Executive Director of STAAR Theatre at Antoinette Hall in a campaign to raise awareness about the restoration of the historical Antoinette Hall while also showing off some amazing bridal gowns!In this bridal fashion photo shoot, the Couture by Tess Bridal team was inspired by the hall’s very own phantom, a ghostly female form often seen floating over the stage.  The photo series depicts a phantom couple in love along with a few of their shadowy friends posing as masquerade ball attendees, all modeled by actual actors of STARR Theatre. The first day of the photo shoot encompassed beautiful footage in the basement with the huge timbers, arched doorways, and old stones, which were perfect for replicating the original scenes from Phantom of the Opera in the underground ground canals of the Paris Opera House.  The second day was shot upstairs in the grand hall of the opera house where there were so many beautiful areas, from the dilapidated antique piano to the Victorian wallpaper falling from the old slat walls.  We can only say the results are magical, hauntingly romantic, and truly captivating.  Having a soft spot for historical architecture and the arts community, Tess Mann has committed to donating $100 from every purchase of her Couture By Tess trademark label, and 5% of her boutique’s sales from selected bridal gowns sold such as Randy Fenoli Bridal and Robert Bullock Bride.  This donation period begins January 1, 2023, and through December 31, 2024.  The architectural project to restore Antoinette Hall to its historic beauty and regain its function as a performing arts center is estimated at $12-15 million dollars.  Brides-to-be can now purchase their dream wedding dress while supporting a great cause.


We hope you enjoyed this haunted opera house bridal fashion-styled shoot and happy Halloween!


Photo Shoot Team Credits

Venue: Staar Theatre at Antoinette Hall, @staartheatre

Creative Direction and Gown Retailer: Tess Mann with Couture by Tess Bridal, @couture_by_tess

Gown DesignersArmonia, @armonia_bridal and Ida Torez of Pollardi Fashion Group, @pollardi_fashion_group 

Photography: Barrett Dennison/El Osito Films, @barrettd55

Special Effects: Corey Austin Allen, @austinallen

Invitations/Graphic Designer: Porchlight Design Co.,

Menswear Producer: Jim's Formal Wear, @jimsformalwear

Menswear Retailer:  Outlook Menswear

Models/Actors: Jenn Schiavonne-Whorton, Dan Whorton, Grace Coleman, Laura Cox, Krista Grover, Kerusso Coleman, Andy Sisk

PR Agency: Meredith Corning PR, @meredithcorningpr


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