Elegant Birmingham Wedding

Allie and Dylan's downtown Birmingham wedding was so elegant and classic. From Allie's simple pearl necklace, to the antique pocket watch Dylan carried with him, every detail was thoughtfully curated. These two were the epitome of class on their wedding day. They made everyone, including their vendors, feel so welcome. Their reception at the historic downtown B&A Warehouse was beautifully executed, and was the perfect juxtaposition between old and new. The venue is located in the heart of the historic warehouse district, and Railroad Park across the street provided us withsome dreamy sunset portraits.

Allie and Dylan are both tax accountants and met at a training event held at Deloitte University. They introduced themselves and found themselves instantly bonding over their love of brisket nachos and old fashions. The only thing holding them back was the fact that they lived 150 miles away from each other.

They were quick to find a way to talk to each other through Skype for Business. In perfect timing there was another training event that they had to attend. This allowed them to spend a weekend together and to discover that their personalities completed each other.Allie and Dylan had their first date a few weeks later. They are both pretty competitive and it showed when they went bowling for their first date. Aftermany bowling and ping pong debacles Dylan knew that he wanted to be with Allie for the rest of his life, and not just to reap the benefits of filing a joint tax return!

Dylan worked with Allie’s dad to make their proposal a night that she would never forget. During a trip to The Vulcan Dylan got down on one knee and popped the question! After that they made their way back home to be greeted by a house full of family and friends to celebrate their engagement with. After looking at post after post on Pinterest, Allie and Duncan realized that they wanted their wedding to be full of neutral tones with a rustic vibe. They wanted their venue to carry out their theme as well. As soon as they walked into B&A Warehouse in Birmingham and saw the exposed brick and ceiling woodwork, they knew that they had found the perfect venue for their wedding!

They also wanted their wedding reception to be one that no one would forget. Their menu was very important to them and was something that they decided they wanted to splurge on. They knew that they wanted food that would match their overallrelaxed vibe of their wedding, and they went for it. Allie and Dylan advise other couples to have fun while planning their wedding. There is no doubt about it that planning a wedding is difficult and it can cause strain on a relationship. Planning a wedding forces you and your partner to make big decisions together and the couple says that the best way to do that is with open and honest communication!

Photography: Sarah Van

Ceremony Venue: Prince of peace

Reception Venue: B&A Warehouse

Florals: Mary Beth Rush

Videography: Morgan Film Co

Cake: Magic Muffins

Makeup: Gypset Creative

Hair: Chris cain


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