DIY Brooch Bouquet


How to Make a Brooch Bouquet

This brooch bouquet tutorial is so fun! Whether you’re creating a bouquet completely out of brooches or simply want to add them to a bouquet of silk or fresh flowers, this tutorial has all you need to create your own beautiful brooch bouquet! Thank you to Melissa Timm Designs  in Knoxville, Tn for allowing us to use her studio and providing such a lovely bouquet for this DIY project!

Items You Will Need

To make the brooch bouquet you will need…

1. Brooches (It may take time to collect brooches for your bouquet. Shop at local antique stores and online.)

2. Wire (gold or silver depending on the color of the brooches)

3. Bar Tie Twister (found at your local Home Depot)

4. Silk flowers of your choice (if not using fresh)

5. Ribbon of your choice and hot glue

6. Floral tape or any kind of strong tape.

Step 1: The first step is to make a wire stem for each brooch. To do this, cut pieces of wire 24 inches long, then bend them in half. Each brooch will need at least two, 24 inch long pieces of wire bent in half.Step 2: Insert two sets of wire through the brooch. Find a stable area on the brooch where you can thread the wire through. Depending on the weight of the brooch, you may have to add more wire to strengthen the stem and help it stay upright.Step 3) Make a loop with your finger at the end of each set of wire where the hook of your Bar Tie Twister tool can loop through.Step 4) Place the loop around the hook at the end of the bar tie twister tool. You will need the help of a friend who can hold the brooch while you slowly turn the twitter tool. As you turn the twister tool, the two wires will twist together strengthening the wire into one stem. Monitor how tight the wire becomes, so the wire will not break. Then twist the other remaining stems.Step 5) The next step is to put both wire stems together on the Bar Tie Twister. Twist the stems into one stem to make it even stronger.

Step 6) After you have created wire stems for all of your brooch bouquets, determine if you would rather use silk or real flowers for your bouquet. If you prefer fresh flowers, you can take your brooches to your florist so they can work them into your bouquet. If you’re using silk, follow the instructions below.

Step 7) If choosing silk flowers, insert the brooches into your floral design. Every two or three brooches you insert, tape the wire stems to your flower stems so they will not move around as you add more brooches.

Step 8) Wrap your bouquet with your chosen ribbon to hide the wire stems. Use a dab of hot glue to secure the ribbon.

We added the brooches to both silk flowers and real flowers to show the difference. We also added a few brooches to a sweet little flower girl crown. How cute is that?!

I love the gold brooches against the pink flowers in the bouquet below!

Participating Vendors

Photography: Break the Mold Photo | Tutorial: Honeybee Events | Styling: The Bride Link | Flowers: Melissa Timm Designs 



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