When to send your save the dates!


When to send your save the dates

Congratulations! You're engaged, and you've realized your wedding is approaching quickly! Suddenly, you're at the stage in the planning process where it starts to get real—when to send Save the Dates outs. Not sure where to get started? The Bride Link can help! Watch our video this week to learn when to send out save the dates and what to include! But first, grab your FREE copy of our Ceremony Placement Cheat Sheet to help kickstart your planning!

Sending out your wedding Save the Dates should happen roughly six months before your wedding (or eight, in the case of a destination wedding or an all-weekend event). It's the required time to approximate your guest list, but not too far in advance that your guests will forget to mark off the date on their calendars. It's essential to give them advance enough notice to begin arranging any necessary requests for time off and travel plans.

Your Save the Dates should include your names, your wedding...


How To Start Your Wedding Registry


How To Start Your Wedding Registry

Congratulations, you're engaged! The moment you announce your engagement to family and friends comes one common question: Where are you registered? Don't freak out! Starting your wedding registry is as easy as online shopping. Learn how and where to begin receiving wedding gifts from your loved ones, popular wedding registry sites, and other wedding registry ideas. Be sure to register at different stores and create an online wedding registry that offers unique wedding registry items.

Use these simple instructions to register for weddings at Walmart or Amazon, both online and in-store. Find out what you should register for and how to identify those items. Now you can start your wedding registry with ease! But first, don't forget to grab your FREE copy of our Ceremony Placement Cheat Sheet to help your planning process!

 Figure out what you need

Make a list. It will make building your registry experience a whole lot easier. If you don't...


A complete guide to faux wedding flowers

A complete guide to faux wedding flowers

Today, on The Bride Link, Silk Stem Collective is here is to give ya'll some information about faux wedding flowers! When it comes to setting the tone and style of a wedding, florals are one of the most important decisions. Picking flowers is also one of the most fun parts! But amazing flower arrangements typically don’t come cheap and many couples struggle to stay within their floral budget. With the ever-improving quality of faux flowers, more and more couples are considering fresh flower alternatives as a less expensive, more durable floral option. 

First, let’s look at two of the most popular faux flower options: Sola wood and Silk Flowers.

Sola Wood Flowers

What are sola wood flowers?

Sola wood flowers are an affordable and sustainable alternative to fresh flowers. They are made from thin, lightweight pieces of wood similar to balsa wood (think of the material used to build a model airplane). The thin pieces of...


Wedding venue questions: What to ask!


Wedding Venue Questions

Today, we're discussing how to find a wedding venue! More importantly, what wedding venue questions to ask before you book it! How to pick a wedding venue is one of the most common questions couples ask!

Join us for all our wedding venue tips to help identify the pros and cons of each site. Knowing what questions to ask when visiting wedding venues is essential. Ask each of these questions to find a wedding venue that will check all your boxes. Write down each answer so you can compare all the responses. 

Need more planning help? Not sure what order your bridesmaids will stand at your ceremony? Who is going to sit in your front row? Our FREE easy-to-use Ceremony Placement Sheet Cheat gets you organized!

 How many hours on-site does the package contain? 

Different venues do their business differently. Some sites will offer to have private use of the wedding venue for the entire day! Others will include some extra decorating time the day before...


Tips For Meeting With Your Wedding Florist


Choosing wedding flowers and a wedding florist is a big decision! When you meet with your wedding florist, it's critical to communicate essential details during your visit. Doing this ensures your wedding day flowers translate to how you envisioned them to be. Your wedding florist will work with you to find the best florals for your wedding day, along with planning the logistics. For even more help, download our free wedding Floral Cheat Sheet!

 For now, here are our top 3 tips when meeting with your florist and choosing flowers for your wedding!

 1. Budget

Sticking to your predetermined budget for wedding florals is essential! 

If you have a specific idea in mind for your bouquet, for example, but prefer a more simple centerpiece, make sure to ask your florist about what will work best according to your budget. Your florist knows which flowers are in season and where there is flexibility in creating your wedding day florals. 

 2. Examples

For specific ideas...


Lakeside Tennessee Wedding

Zachary and Gabby met each other while in middle school. She describes him as the typical shaggy-haired football player that all of the girls were into. Gabby was the middle school cheerleader who always claimed to not have a crush on Zach. One year later Zachary asked Gabby to be his girlfriend and she was thrilled, her parents were not as thrilled. Who knew such a beautiful relationship could come from a silly middle school crush.

Their proposal story begins with a family cruise. As to be expected on any family vacation there were going to be lots and lots of family photos taken. Zachary’s mom and Gabby had planned a family photoshoot on the beach before they hopped on the cruise ship to start their vacation. While taking pictures Gabby notices that most of the family begins to migrate behind the photographer, at this point, she didn’t think anything of it yet. Then Zachary takes her hand and starts walking her towards the camera. They walked up to a metal rose that...


How Much Alcohol For A Wedding


How Much Alcohol For A Wedding

 When choosing how much alcohol to buy for your wedding, it is essential to know your crowd! We recommend hiring a professional bartending service who can help you estimate the quantity of alcohol to purchase for your wedding. An experienced bartending service will also help select a drink menu and manage the bar on the wedding day. When it comes to weddings how much alcohol is required depends on the type of bar and bar service you plan to offer your guests. For even more help, download your FREE copy of our Wedding Bar & Alcohol Guide!

Keep in mind; your wedding should stay classy! Your goal should be to have a good time, not to get all your guests intoxicated. Over serving guests is one of the biggest pet peeves for venue owners. If your guests become rowdy, you may be asked to cover any damages to the venue. Everyone should make it home safely and not ruin a fabulous day with the risk of injury or DUIs.

Reasons like this are why...


Southern Charm Barn Wedding!

Get ready for this perfect wedding full of southern charm mixed with just the right amount of glam! Lindsey and Brady chose to be married at Knoxville wedding venue, Heartland Meadows. The simple elegance seen throughout the entire property combined with the rustic feel of the barn was exactly what the couple was looking forLindsey describes their theme as farmhouse vintage and what better place to achieve that theme than a barn. 

The popular grey barn was the perfect backdrop for Lindsey and her bridesmaid's soft pastel color palette.Lindsey wore a vintage long sleeve dress covered in lace. Her bridesmaids wore different style dresses each in different colors. Lindsey wanted her bridesmaids to be able to choose their own style of dress to ensure that everyone was happy with the choice.The bouquets complimented the girl's dresses perfectly.The groom and groomsmen wore grey suits with a special touch. Each groomsman got to pick their own socks based on their...


Planning Your Wedding During Football Season


Planning Your Wedding Around Football Season

Are you dreaming of an incredible fall wedding? We love them, too! Keep in mind, any wedding during the fall will also have to contend with football season. If you're planning your wedding during football season, use these tips to help guide you! Get more expert wedding planning advice from The Bride Link! Download your FREE copy of our Layout & Linen Cheat Sheet!

If your wedding falls on game day, expect some die-hard football to send their regrets. Depending on who is playing, you may have more people missing from your guest list. 

You can also expect the hotels to be at total capacity during a home game. If you live in a football town, there is a lot more happening than just your wedding, so expect to have a more challenging time finding a hotel to block rooms for your event, especially if your venue is close to where the game is taking place. Traffic may also be an issue, primarily if your wedding venue is near the...


How To Pick A Wedding Date

How to pick a wedding date!

As a newly engaged couple, one of the first things you may ask yourselves is "how to pick a wedding date!" It's an important question and picking a wedding date shouldn't be done in a hurry! We recommend considering a few factors before you decide.

Since all your friends and family are eager to find out about the wedding day, you'll frequently run into the same question, "so when is the wedding?" There's a reason for this. After determining your budget, securing a wedding date is one of the most critical choices you have to make during your wedding planning. Do you want an outdoor wedding? Do you want a ceremony during the warmer months? Are you dreaming of jingle bells and sleigh rides? Then a winter holiday wedding is perfect for you.

Regardless of what date you decide, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a wedding date. But first, grab a FREE copy of our Emergency Wedding Kit Checklist and be prepared for anything on your wedding day!



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