8 Chic Ways to Style Your Wedding Party

Your wedding is a chance for you and your partner to show off your own personalities and style. It’s also a chance to break a few rules when it comes to more common wedding traditions because why not have fun with things on your big day? A great way to do this is by choosing fun and non-traditional looks for your wedding party. Of course, you want them to look and feel their best at your wedding, but that doesn’t necessarily mean dressing all bridesmaids in the exact same dress or having simple tuxedos for every groomsman.


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 Over the past few years, couples have become quite creative in dressing their wedding parties to the nines, but it doesn’t stop there. Trends are continuously emerging as bridesmaids and groomsmen everywhere are wearing just about everything on the big day, including matching cowboy boots, printed dresses, colored trousers, and much more. There is truly no limit to the exciting ways you can style your wedding party, and here are a few ideas to help you get started.


  1. Non-Matching Dresses: Bridesmaid's dresses are a big decision when it comes to your big day. Not only do you need to find a look that is flattering on everyone, but you also need to take into account an array of shoes, accessories, and bridesmaid jewelry ideas. Many brides are switching it up when it comes to traditional dresses, allowing for more wiggle room in terms of different shades, styles, fits, patterns, and cuts. If you’re looking to break the mold with your bridesmaid dresses, consider switching it up by entertaining multiple dress styles in the same color, different but complementary shades, or even a mix of printed and solid dresses.


  1. Location Inspiration: What better way to accentuate your surroundings than with your attire? Think about taking inspiration from your wedding location and overall aesthetic when choosing your wedding party looks. For destination weddings in tropical or beachside locations, take inspiration from nature and summery earth tones. If your wedding is indoors with a more traditional vibe, think about making things pop with shiny accessories, elevated jewelry, or even a mix of bouquet styles to keep things from looking too matchy-matchy. No matter where your wedding location might be, you can always look to your venue or location for styling inspiration.


  1. Bold Metallics: Whether you are planning an outdoor bohemian-chic wedding or a fancy indoor soiree, you can never go wrong with adding a bit of sparkle and shine to your wedding party looks. To achieve this, you can go full-blown metallic by choosing gowns that feature metallic fabric or detail. On the other hand, you can incorporate metallics into your wedding party looks more subtly through elements like your bridesmaids’ shoes, hair accessories, groomsmen bowties, and more. When it comes to adding metallics into your bridesmaid and groomsmen looks, there is truly no limit.


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  1. Prints and Patterns: If you’re looking to add some exciting or colorful prints to your wedding, consider making this part of your wedding party look! Prints and patterns are a fun and easy way to incorporate a little more pizzazz into your wedding. The good news is this fun wedding trend is easily achieved for groomsmen and bridesmaids alike, allowing for overall cohesion while still keeping things interesting. Choose a print or set of prints that are part of your wedding color palette and have fun mixing and matching throughout your wedding party. Some fun accent ideas include patterned shoes for the ladies or a printed or striped bow tie moment for the guys. Have fun with it!


  1. Bold or Blended: To be bold or to blend in? The choice is yours. For understated, sophisticated wedding party looks, you might think about choosing more neutral shades of dresses, accessories, or suits. However, this definitely does not need to be boring! The “mix and match” trend works great here as your understated colors will blend seamlessly. If you’re going for big, bold colors that stand out, think about dressing your bridesmaids in one bold color or a different jewel tone for each bridesmaid. As always, be sure to refer back to your overall wedding colors and go from there.


  1. Matching Accessories: You can never go wrong with cohesive accessories within your wedding party. These even make a great gift for your bridesmaids or groomsmen! If your bridesmaid vision includes unique dresses for each lady, consider keeping the shoes the same to tie everything together. This also goes for necklaces, earrings (more on this later), and even nail polish. For the guys, perhaps the most popular matching accessory is the matching bowtie. You can also give the groomsmen a matching moment by choosing matching handkerchiefs, socks, belts, or cuff links.


  1. Ear Candy: Due to their visibility and overall importance, wedding earrings deserve their own callout. While some brides prefer their bridesmaids to wear more everyday jewelry during casual-themed weddings or at outdoor venues, it is common to have bridesmaids wear more formal ear decorations. Formal doesn’t always necessarily mean diamonds and pearls, though. You might think about switching it up with sapphire, emerald or other jewel tone-inspired earrings that will take your bridesmaid looks to the next level.


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  1. Break the Mold: Although there are seemingly a lot of rules and traditions to follow when styling the members of your wedding party, remember that you have the option to switch things up whenever you feel like it. This is a chance for you and your favorite people to have fun together and create precious memories. If you want to have your bridesmaids in boots and lace or your groomsmen in jeans, it’s totally your call. Switch it up, make it fun and create an atmosphere that reflects your personality on your wedding day.

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