5 Tips to Plan Your Wedding Flowers Perfectly

5 Tips to Plan Your Wedding Flowers Perfectly

Flowers are one of the most iconic parts of your wedding, and getting them just perfect will help set the tone for a spectacular event. If you’re not very experienced in wedding planning, it may seem overwhelming, especially with all the different arrangements you’ll need. However, with the following tips, you’ll soon feel confident and ready to plan the wedding of your dreams.

  • Choose a vendor you trust

Finding a florist you feel confident working with is the first step in planning perfection. Even if they do fantastic work, it’s equally as important you feel comfortable chatting with them. Everyone wants something different from their wedding florist. You may need someone who will take the reins completely, or you may work better with someone who gives you creative control. Look for a personality and style match you can foster a good relationship with.

  • Know your vision (and budget)

Having a firm idea of what you’re looking for will help you and your chosen florist find the right designs. It will also prevent wasted time chasing the wrong ideas. Spend some time looking at inspirational floral art and get a sense of what you enjoy. You’ll likely find that a theme emerges in the pieces that catch your eye, and identifying that will help you find the perfect match for your special day.  It’s always a good idea to get firm about a budget, too, as this helps your florist ensure they’re guiding you to looks you can afford.

  • Consider colors

The next key concept to explore is the colors in your wedding. While your bouquets don’t have to stick strictly to the wedding colors alone, you’ll want to allow them to guide your creations so they complement them. Now’s a good time to decide if you want to seasonally theme your flowers, too.

  • Say yes to the dress

Your wedding gown can also be a divine source of inspiration for your flower. It’s also important that your bouquet, specifically, complements the shape and look of your dress. It’s very common to draw inspiration from the fabrics and color you’re using for the gown. Your florist will likely consider your dress the focal point of all your arrangements, so don’t be afraid to share with them!

  • Know the nitty-gritty

You have a vision and your inspiration, now it’s time to tie down the details. How many people are at the wedding? Do you want an easy wedding clean-up afterward? You need to know the right amount of centerpieces to order. Do you picture yourself with a long and trailing bouquet or a tight spray? Are the groomsmen wearing buttonholes? Have you taken a look at this wedding checklist? Have you checked out these commonly forgotten wedding items? While it’s more practical than the inspirational stages, these are still important details to narrow down. It’s always a good idea to make sure all of these details get written down. Not only does that give you and your florist something solid to refer to, it gives you recourse if something doesn’t turn out the way you clearly planned together.

 With these top tips in mind, planning the perfect flowers for your special days has never been easier.

 Photo: Bob Oh/Unsplash


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