Five Backyard Wedding Ideas That Will Make You Say WOW!


A backyard wedding style has to be one of our favorites! It is intimate, more detailed, and most of all, it is budget-friendly! The right backyard wedding idea can be a tremendous hit with your family and friends. And since most backyard weddings involve smaller groups, it's that much easier to get everyone involved in the fun. Keep in mind, having a backyard wedding does not necessarily mean your wedding has to be in your backyard; you can always rent out estates with amazing views if you need a bit more room and a view! Either way, small or big, there are countless ideas for a backyard wedding. Sharing that process with your family and friends while planning your backyard wedding is an incredibly unique experience most brides don't get!

Here are five backyard wedding ideas that will make you say "WOW"!



Adding a selfie station to your backyard wedding checklist helps you capture intimate shots you'd usually miss. Incorporate Instaprint cameras that print pictures on the spot. Guests can take some, or they can put them in a unique memory book you've places nearby. Shop local and check with a print shop nearby to see what they can help you create. Printing your unique wedding #hashtag on the cover of your memory book will encourage your guests to share images online. Throw in cool funky props to add a dash of fun.




Want to have a unique backdrop or arch for your ceremony that sets the stage and has your guest thinking "wow"? Remember to make room for this added expense in your budget! You have the option to rent one, or you can consider building your own and purchasing the materials. If your design is simple, an experienced craftsman can make one in a day! This is an excellent opportunity for a dad, brother, or uncle to jump in and get involved. Be sure to add beautiful colorful florals that match your wedding colors along with greenery for accents. Take a few minutes and find examples online to identify what you like and what you don't. This will help narrow your focus and make your ceremony stand out. Plus, you'll just love how your pictures are going to come out! 




It should at the top of your backyard wedding checklist! Ensuring there is plenty of lights throughout the yard helps create a welcoming ambiance and sets the mood. String lights above the reception area or dance floor are always a great choice because they give off a whimsical, fairytale feel. Adding lanterns down the aisle adds a romantic glow that illuminates your walk and gives the guest a spot to focus their attention.




There are plenty of options to incorporate a unique bar during a backyard wedding. One of our favorites is a Champagne Wall, which most of your guests won't have seen or experienced before. Set the wall by the cocktail area so that guests can take a glass, refresh, and toast to your nuptials. We recommend booking a professional bartender for your wedding, specifically one that comes with insurance coverage and mobile bars! Don't feel like having a bartender? Here is an alternative! Rent or build a bar cart and let your guests pour non-alcoholic or mocktails themselves. Be sure to include a cool signature cocktail list (with pictures) on the bar with the ingredients and mixing instructions. This is a perfect alternative for smaller weddings!



If you have access to a fire pit or propane-powered unit, planning a rustic S'mores Bar will is a sweet surprise for both adults and kids! Place different flavors or types of chocolate on serving trays along with the white or colored marshmallows and graham crackers! Guests can try different combinations and make new recipes. Ensure you have long wooden sticks and an eye-catching sign that says "S'mores Bar."  It's a great way to add a sweet finish to your wedding and create more wedding picture opportunities.



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