What Does the Wedding Party Actually Do?


What Does the Wedding Party Actually Do?

Today, on The Bride Link podcast, we're talking all about your wedding party! We'll discuss all the duties and what types of tasks and errands you can expect them to do for you when you're getting married! But first, score your FREE copy of our Ceremony Cheat Sheet! Everyone knows the wedding parties in charge of getting their bridesmaid dress and the groomsmen tuxes, but what else are they supposed to do? In addition to MOH duties or bridesmaid's duties, and groomsmen's duties, here are a few additional areas they can help with. Just keep in mind they might not know and you may need to ask them directly. For some people, it will be their first time serving in that role. 

  1. The wedding party helps the couple with various tasks during the planning process

This can include addressing invitations, picking up items for the wedding, craft projects, contacting people that didn't RSVP, and other non-complicated tasks that you need help with. The bride and groom may also ask the wedding party to help them decide on difficult decisions. For example, being present when the bride chooses her wedding gown. Before the event, the wedding party is in charge of planning events for the couple. Bridal showers, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, and sometimes even wedding night surprises! This typically would be done by the maid of honor or the best man, but you also might want to check with parents because sometimes moms love to throw bridal showers!

The wedding party typically is expected to attend the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner before the wedding. Although some party members may be traveling from far distances and won't be available. Don't worry, this is a common occurrence and your wedding coordinator can do a quick walkthrough with them the day of. We do recommend all party members try to arrive the day before if possible. If you've elected not to hire a professional wedding planner, then have whoever is serving as your Day-Of Coordinator walk them through their placement way before the guests begin to arrive.

  1. The wedding party helps the bride and groom get ready for the wedding day. 

If this is a DIY wedding, this could include doing set-up tasks for the event. Be prepared for this if you've agreed to be part of a wedding party and be ready to roll up your sleeves early in the morning and help out with set-up and any related needs. Someone from the wedding party may even save the day! We've specifically had a wedding where the bride forgot her veil, and she just didn't forget it at home or somewhere nearby. She was from out of state and getting married in Tennessee, a very popular destination wedding location. It was really important to her and her photos that she has a long cathedral veil, just like the one that she had intended on wearing. Her maid of honor was determined to find a veil for her, so she called a local bridal shop in the area. Through texting photos back and forth, she located, paid, and picked it up with 15 minutes to spare before photography started. It was an anxious day for the bride and the wedding planner! That MOH absolutely exceeded the bride's expectations and saved the day! The bride was able to have a veil on when she walked down the aisle, something she had dreamed of for so long. 

  1. The wedding party should also attend to the couple's needs throughout the day. 

For example, you would expect the bridesmaids to help that bride remove her veil after the ceremony is over and then help her bustle her dress before she enters the reception. This task usually takes a few people to complete as a bustle is easy to break, especially if it's done quickly. Plan on having a few bridesmaids available to asks for help. This is why we recommend taking multiple bridesmaids with you when you're learning how to bustle your dress at your dress fittings!

  1. The wedding party is also in charge of giving speeches during the reception.

Typically the maid of honor and best man, but it can be more people or less if you want to. The wedding party should also be available to complete smaller tasks as well. Things like bringing ice to the venue or packing up the wedding gifts and placing them in the designated vehicle at the end of the night. We always suggest having somebody in charge of getting the bride's bouquet the minute she's done with it.

  1. Packing your bag of personal items at the end of the night.

For example, in the bridal suite, the bride may have a duffle bag that should include her purse, cell phone, makeup bag, a change of shoes, and the clothes that she wore before getting into her dress. A wedding planner should never touch your personal belongings for multiple reasons. If anything is lost, stolen, or damaged, they don't want to be held liable or tasked with figuring out what happened. Also, they may not know what individual items belong to you. It's difficult to locate the correct cell phone in the bridal suite when four of them are present, all with pink cases. This is one of the reasons why it should be a maid of honor or bridesmaid, preferably somebody that knows the bride well, who is responsible for packing up any items post-wedding. Also, if you are responsible for clean-up at the venue, your bridal party should be willing to help complete this task. Many hands make light work!

  1. Help, support, and encourage them as a married couple

The wedding party serves as your support system to the couple in their new marriage, encouraging their love and helping them see through arguments and fights long after the wedding day!

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