Wedding Clean Up Tips


 Wedding Clean Up Tips

Today, on The Bride Link, we're talking all about wedding clean up. With all great events comes the inevitable clean up! There are few things more consistent in life! Cleaning up after your wedding can take much longer than most couples expect. Venues usually require the removal of all items either that night or the next day. Wedding day clean up is essential as the venue may have another wedding scheduled right after yours. If that's the case, cleaning up right after your wedding may be the only option. The venue's concern is the next paying client after your wedding has been completed. You risk losing some or all of your deposit if clean up isn't completed to the specifications of the venue. If you've left anything sentimental behind or items you hope to keep, make sure you have plans for clean-up long before your wedding gets started! Grab your FREE copy of your Clean Up Fact Sheet to help get you ready!

Know the venue rules and expectations.

Read your venue contract carefully, ask questions, and get advice from the venue staff. You don’t want to plan something only to find out that it won’t work at your venue or it isn’t allowed. All venues have different rules on how the venue can be altered and how it is to be left at the end of the night if you are cleaning up yourself. If you don’t want to do the work of cleaning up at the end of the night, then you need to hire professionals to do it for you.

Don’t underestimate cleanup. 

We find that our clients oftentimes don’t allow enough time to pack up all their belongings and don’t request enough help. With all of the chaos throughout the day, you may not be thinking of clean up. By the end of the night, people are tired and the logistics of what goes where can be complicated. Labeled boxes and checklists help with cleanup just as much as they do with setting up.

Coordinate the transportation of STUFF.

Plan how everything will be transported from the venue. Provide adequate packing materials and overestimate the space you’ll need to prevent issues. Remember, don’t count on your car if you are not staying to help clean up and also to have multiple vehicles to pack items into. Also, you will have some extra items like flower arrangements and leftover food that came from vendors, that will now need to have a place to go after the event.

Be smart about delegating tasks. 

Make sure you are assigning tasks that fit the person’s skills and abilities. It is important not to ask too much of any one person since you want all your guests to be able to enjoy the celebration, so have a group of family or close friends to help you clean on the day of. Also, know who is taking what and where so that collecting items will be an easy task.

Confirm everything with everyone.

As a wedding planner, you would be surprised by how many times people that were supposed to help clean up end up bailing before the wedding is over. It isn’t because they were shirking their duties, but instead, it is because the bride or groom mentioned it several months ago before the event and hadn’t mentioned it since. Without directly confirming with people, they may forget about the task they were assigned. That is why a clean-up fact sheet comes in handy so much! You can identify what needs to be cleaned up or taken from the venue, and who is in charge of taking on that responsibility. Share this with your crew to make sure everyone is on the same page before the event. 

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