Winter Wedding Flower Ideas

The winter season can be harsh weather for people, animals, and especially plants. Flowers may not fully bloom during this season, which may discourage you and your partner from having a winter wedding. Don’t allow this cold weather to ruin your plans, for there are several blooms that are continuously blooming throughout the year or flourish during the winter season that is still great for bridal bouquets and ceremony arrangements, centerpieces at receptions, or boutonnieres. Here are some winter wedding flower ideas that you may consider for your wedding day.

Amaryllis is popularly known as holiday flowers, which are available in shades of white and red. There are plenty more colors available, with some of them having bright color shade, great for a bouquet.


Blooming abundantly during the winter season, Ranunculus can add tons of character to your bouquet. If you are looking for soft florals similar to peonies, you can opt for a Ranunculus boutonniere to give your wedding flowers a unique yet straightforward vibe. 

Hypericum Berries
The Hypericum Berries are commonly used as a filler for a flower arrangement. It is an essential element in a winter wedding, best used for the boutonniere, which can be used as an accent against a dark suit. These flowers give texture to centerpieces, bouquets, and more.


Sweet Peas
One of the most romantic flowers available in the market is the Sweet Peas. They feature fragile stems and petals, which requires extra care in handling. Nonetheless, they are perfect for accessorizing your bouquet. 

A true winter gem with its layered petals, Camellias are a definite must-have if you want to add a unique texture to your wedding flowers. You can also take advantage of the ample supply from fall into the last days of December. If you plan to have an early winter wedding, Camellias are perfect.


If you want something to complement your Camellias and Sweet Peas, Hellebores can add another layer of texture. They are ideal for weddings that exude romantic and organic themes. You can choose from its wide variety of colors ranging from red to ivory. Soft pink hellebores can definitely make your wedding even more beautiful. 


Another wintertime bloom is the anemones. They are the best choice if you want to have a unique flower piece with its beautiful contrast of white petals with black centers. If your wedding theme is more modern and alternative, you can pair anemones with deep-hued calla lilies to make it stand out. 

Fragrant winter flowers like Gardenias are only fitting to be added to your entourage. If your wedding theme is more classic and formal, you can have your flower girls have a gardenia boutonniere to let them spread the flower’s fragrance all over the venue. 

Carnations are one of the least popular winter flowers. They grow sturdy enough to bloom and withstand the cold season. You can find carnations in different colors that give attention to any flower assembly.


Roses are available all-year-round, giving you an option to use for your winter wedding centerpieces. A bright shade of pink and red should add attention to your wedding ceremony.

Poinsettias remind us all of the Christmas season. They also look great in a wedding ceremony, especially when paired with some greenery.

You may associate Tulips with spring, but this beautiful flower starts its season during winter. They are ideal for weddings with a more contemporary vibe. Add them to your centerpieces to add a touch of elegance. 


Gerbera Daisies
The Gerbera Daisies provide elegance as it blooms, although it can be challenging to use for decor. These daisies seem too playful to arrange, especially when incorporated with pinecones. Give your wedding that Christmas-vibe with Gerbera Daisies. 

Flowers arrangements at your wedding can make or break your overall design theme. Choosing the right type of winter blooms for your wedding is crucial, and these flowers are a definite must-have.


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