Wedding Day Emergency Kit: Everything A Bride Needs



Today on The Bride Link, we are talking all about what the bride needs in her emergency kit so she can be prepared for her wedding. You should literally be ready for anything, especially in an emergency! That's what we suggest that you should create a wedding day emergency kit and have it with you all day long. Grab your free copy of our Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist to help get you started!

Now, in all honesty, it's best to create two different types of kits, so this blog will focus on your personal kit and everything that you should have on you as the bride or groom. It’s best to have any needed items within your reach. Then we’ll have another blog that outlines your setup kit or decorating kit. So the person that is going to be doing all of our decor and all of your setup as well as managing all of your vendors needs to have that kit on them. One reason why we have to separate kits is that we want you to make sure you are the guest of honor on your wedding day.

We recommend hiring a day-of coordinator, if not a full-fledged wedding planner. If you can't afford a professional, you need to have a buddy, a friend, a cousin, an aunt, or some sort of volunteer to act as your day-of coordinator because there's no way that you can set up everything for your wedding and also be pampered like the guest of honor you should be!

Today, let's talk first about what you need to have in your personal wedding emergency kit. The first section you're going to want to look at is medication. This is going to be far and above the most important section. If you or anybody that is a VIP or in your wedding party has a specific medication that's really important, they need to have it nearby. You want to make sure you have extra on hand and this includes EpiPens.

You might even need to tell some people where that medication was located in case it's needed in this pinch. The next thing you’re going to have is anything that can cure a headache, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Excedrin, or maybe a variety. This is one of the most common things that I get asked for as a wedding planner. And so you want to make sure that you have plenty on hand. A first aid kit never hurt anybody and also having some hand sanitizer, tums, allergy relief, and maybe even eye drops is a good idea. In the bathroom, it's always nice to have extra pads and tampons because this is something I also get asked for often when I'm on site.

You'll also want to think about toiletries and it's really important to have some extra deodorant, some extra mouthwash, and flossers. If you're going to be doing hair and makeup onsite have your makeup professional leave you a little bit of extra makeup, especially lipstick for some extra coverage. I've had some other people pack things like lotion and Q tips and mouthwash, that's totally up to you and it's a bonus but it's always nice to have.

Next, if you're really thinking about beauty products, always make sure that you have fashioned tape, eyelash glue, Bobby pins, hairspray, a hairbrush, safety pins, and a sewing kit. When you're looking at safety pins, get one of those extra-large safety pins (almost like the size of the diaper pin) handy in case your bustle breaks. Unfortunately, bustles can be really expensive but I see them break on-site often. Then you're left dragging your wedding dress around on the dance floor.

Final items, if you really want to pack a bag where you literally thought of everything, there are a few extra things you can throw in there just to make sure that you were extra prepared. This includes a tad pin, eyeglass wipes, hairbands, Kleenex for your ceremony, a lint roller, and breath mints to knock out that first kiss. It doesn't hurt to also pack a little bit of blue ribbon in case the bride forgets her special something blue. With all that, we should have you covered for your personal wedding day emergency kit.

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