Commonly Forgotten Items for Your Wedding


The Most Commonly Forgotten Items for Weddings

Welcome to the Bride Link podcast, your home for expert wedding planning advice! Today we're talking about commonly forgotten items for your wedding! This helpful list highlights what you may forget to pack for your wedding day. Take a few minutes to check it over the night before! Our wedding packing tips include items that are easy to overlook but essential! The best thing that can help you while you're planning and packing all of your items is our Wedding Day Emergency Kit List. Grab your FREE copy and have all your bases covered in case of a wedding day emergency!

So as you're packing all of your belongings to take to your wedding venue, double-check this list and just make sure you haven't forgotten anything. First, we can talk about printed items! You're going to want to be able to have your photographer take a picture of your save-the-dates. invitation, and the rest of your stationery. Stationery will include your programs, menus, place cards, cake bags, thank you notes, and any other printed favors. Of course, you might have several programs and menus, one for each guest, so you don't need to include them all. Remember, don't bring your only sentimental copy! Make sure that you order extra so that way if it gets left at the venue, rained on, or lost, you're not heartbroken if it doesn't make it home. 

As far as ceremony items, the list includes VIP seating decor. I'll be honest, everyone knows don't sit in the front row. However, if you have a large family and you're planning on using the second row for VIPs, you're going to need some reserve signs for that. A lot of times I'll also see flower girl petals and baskets forgotten. Maybe it was a miscommunication with the florist and they provided pedals but no basket or it just wasn't put on the order altogether. Double-check these items a few days before your wedding so there is time to order, pick up, or replace. 

Next are cushioned for kneeling! If the bride and groom plan on kneeling at any time during the ceremony can be an important item that's often forgotten. Believe it or not, wedding rings and vows, are on the list. Trust me, I've seen it happen over and over again! 

On to the reception! Don't forget to physically print out your perfectly planned seating chart. If you have one of those cute Pinterest seating charts, make sure to give a copy to your wedding planner. They should also have an alphabetized list of your seating chart so they can help with the flow of people and direct them to the correct table. This leads us to place cards! It's important to help your guests find their seats without issue. 

Tables for vendors can sometimes be overlooked. Maybe you didn't communicate with your DJ about whether or not they need a table with linen. Or maybe you didn't communicate effectively with your caterer about how many food tables they need and you don't have a table for their beverage station. Make sure you check with each onsite vendor and ensure they'll have what they need when they arrive. Either because they're bringing it with them or you've planned and rented it for them. 

Next is the bridal party! Let's start with the easiest; hair and makeup items! This includes more than just your favorite lipstick. So make sure that you pre-pack your makeup bag! Often people are so excited to get there they completely blank on obvious items. For example, I've seen brides forget their dresses! I've seen people forget undergarments, shoes, jackets, jewelry, and everything else you can imagine. So we recommend packing everything a day or two before. Have everyone in the bridal party go through all of their attire. Set everything aside in ONE location or room, which helps ensure every item is picked up.

Another great tip, it should travel all in one car! The more you separate what you need the more likely you'll never see it on your wedding day. Lastly, don't wait until the last minute, it will only add to the stress!

How about grooms and groomsmen? My goodness! If they're going to forget anything, they're going to forget everything! I've seen groomsmen come completely empty-handed with no tuxedo, no cumber bun, no cufflinks, no shoes, and no shirt. The most common excuse is, "I thought someone was bringing it for me..." You'll save yourself a ton of hassle and have them take inventory of everything they'll need before they step foot on the venue. What I usually recommend is to tell every groomsman to go out to lunch together. Assign the most responsible person in the group to say, "Hey guys, let's double-check our bags and make sure we have everything we need before we start lunch." That way if somebody forgot something, they've got time to go get it and then head on to the wedding venue. 

Next commonly forgotten items for the cake table. Cake plates and forks, believe it or not, make this list. Often people source cakes from someone other than their caterer. A breakdown in communication happens regarding serving utensils and China for the cake table. I often see utensils completely left off the list! Usually, if the caterer doesn't bring your cake, they often do not include what it takes to serve it in the rental. Verify beforehand you'll have what you need. the right amount, and that it matches the rest of your settings. I've seen some people switched to disposables, but honestly, the cost us about the same for China if it's planned beforehand.

Another commonly forgotten item is a cake box! There's going to be leftover cake, 110% guarantee you! Get more than just a box for your cake topper, you'll need a box for leftover cake. It's something that's not often brought to weddings because couples plan for the topper only. Nobody feels good about throwing away leftover cake! So talk to your cake Baker beforehand about bringing what you need. Plan in advance to bring a large enough container to transport the wedding leftovers. You can also invest in small to-go containers, in case any guests want to bring a slice home.

Next are flowers and decorations! Whether you're doing a pickup order or if they're doing a drop-off, having every single item before they leave is a must. The most important items include bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and pedals if you're using them. Count each item individually before you leave the shop or before your florist leaves the venue. Next, double-check your order for the correct amount of table arrangements. Set your toss bouquet aside early and let your planner or maid of honor know where. If that one's forgotten, you can steal one from a bridesmaid if you have to! 

Finally the bar! A lot of times what we see forgotten at the bar is the cups, mixers, garnishes, wine cork, and the right amount of ice. You want to be clear on what type of liquor you're serving and what mixers go well with it.  

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Printed Items:

  • Save-the-Dates
  • Invitations
  • Programs
  • Menus
  • Place cards
  • Cake bags
  • Thank-you notes

 Ceremony Items:

  • VIP seating decor
  • Flower girl petals/basket
  • Cushions–if bride and groom plan on kneeling at anytime
  • Rings and ring cushion
  • Vows

 Reception Items:

  • Seating Chart print out
  • Place cards–so guests can find their seats without issue
  • Tables for vendors (DJ, Beverage Station)

 Bridal Party:

  • Hair and Makeup Items
  • Dresses
  • Undergarments
  • Shoes
  • Garter
  • Jewelry

 Grooms & Groomsmen:

  • Tuxedos
  • Cummerbunds
  • Cufflinks
  • Shoes


  • Knives–necessary for cutting the cake! Use any knife you like or a special cake knife
  • Cake plates and forks
  • Cake Box

 Flowers & Decorations:

  • Bride and bridesmaid flowers
  • Corsages and posies–groom, groomsmen, mother of the bride
  • Arrangements
  • Extra bouquet (Toss Bouquet)

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