What Does A Day Of Wedding Coordinator Do?


What Does A Day Of Wedding Coordinator Do?

Today we're talking all about what a day of coordinator does at your wedding! But first, grab a free copy of our Ceremony Cheat Sheet! Packed full of useful tips to help keep your planning!

First and foremost, they're going to be a big part of relieving your stress in general. A day of wedding coordinator is responsible for executing all the small details required during your event.  They're going to be your point person all day for everything and anything! This way, you don't have to work your event and neither do your friends or family! In the simplest and most basic form, a day of coordinator serves as your problem solver for the day. Every wedding has an unexpected issue or seven! Having a point person in place to transitions these problems from potential delays to no biggies will make or break your event. A professional wedding coordinator is an expert at this!

Additional duties can include creating timelines in the preplanning stages. A timeline is a crucial component to making your day run smoothly. A completed timeline will consist of your ceremony and reception schedule, but also pre-ceremony. Your coordinator will know what's happening with photography, keep you on track while getting ready, coordinate makeup services, oversee the venue in general, and much more before they step foot on site. They're going to have details laid out to help you stay within your desired timeframe, making sure that you get to enjoy your day, all while ensuring you nail your scheduled highlights. They're also a master of logistics. They're in charge of the guest's list, the vendors, the floor plan, the seating arrangements, and also setting up your decor and making sure that your decorations are in the correct order and the proper place. 

When the wedding day is all over, they're also going to ensure that cleanup happens correctly. They should double-check to make sure you didn't leave anything important behind. It's imperative to make sure that each individual vendor gets returned all their correct items. A day of coordinator will complete all these tasks, so you don't have to. On the big day, they'll handle a lot of unexpected situations. Trust us; an experienced coordinator has seen it all before! Situations like missing clothing, a groomsman with two left shoes, party crashers, late vendors, and not to mention a rain plan! 

Giving yourself the peace of mind you deserve on your wedding day is worth the additional cost. It's why we always recommend a Day of Coordinator at the minimum for every wedding. Consider how important the day is and how much you already have invested in it. Having somebody on your side to make sure that the event goes smoothly is an excellent investment. Without having an experienced coordinator at your event, you could be placing the entire ceremony at risk. Running just 20 minutes behind, which is so easy to do, can have a massive impact on the whole schedule.

We understand if hiring a professional service is just not an option for you. If you can't squeeze it into your budget, ensure you should at least have a specific individual there acting as the coordinator. As the couple, you can come up with the specifics, but this person is in charge of bringing those specifics to life, in the right order, and exactly on time.

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