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The stress of wedding planning is no joke! We're covering easy ways how to deal with wedding stress and ways to manage it. Join us this week and learn what you can do to delegate tasks, stay motivated, and invest your time where it counts. You can also download our free FREE Wedding Day Emergency Kit to make sure you have everything you need for the big day.

  1. Don't Forget To Exercise: Working out before your wedding can be one of the best ways to relax your body and mind. Something as simple as an easy stretching routine or just walking up a mild incline using a treadmill. Great your bridesmaids involved and take an in-home yoga class. Regardless of what you decide, keep it light and not too intensive.
  2. Remember To Relax Your Muscles: The body's reaction to stress is simple; your muscles begin to tense up. Try to keep an eye out for this! Most of us carry our stress in specific regions of our bodies like shoulders, neck, and back. These quick trigger areas can quickly go from mild to worse if your stress levels are too high. Light a candle, hit the play button on soothing sounds of nature, and take a few minutes to relax.
  3. Deep Breathing Will Help: By far, the most straightforward and also most effective technique. When you start to feel overwhelmed, take a few minutes to digest your thoughts in silence while taking deep and steady breaths. Relaxing breathing throughout the day can also help ease your planning or setup fatigue. It's advice you hear all the time because it works. 
  4. Eating Well Makes A Difference: This probably applies to most of us! It's so easy to rely on cheap and convenient options that will only make you feel worse once your body begins the digestion process, especially if you've been working hard to reach your wedding day goals! If you haven't had your favorite Chinese take-out in a while, don't cave the night before your wedding! Stay strong and keep a lot of those complex oils and MSG out of your system until after you've said: "I Do!".
  5. Slowing Down: Don't try to plan everything in a few weeks. Most people take 12 months to plan and coordinate their events properly. Make sure you leave yourself a big enough cushion to deal with any unexpected pop-ups! It doesn't happen often, but last-minute changes can happen, and you'll need to be able to adapt. If you're still planning all the significant needs (venue, photographer, floral, catering, etc.) and you hit a snag, you could be starting from scratch.
  6. Take A Break When You Need It: If the whirlwind of excitement about your wedding is causing you to lose sleep, it may be time to take a step back from it all. Find time for things that are not wedding-related. Everyone needs a break, and focusing your attention on other areas is a great way to reset your thinking. You've also may have neglected the different areas of your life. Wedding planning has been at the top of your list for too long, and it's time to spread the love!
  7. Make Time For Important Hobbies: Don't forget to do all the things you love! Your planning process can't take up all your free time. Endless searches on Pinterest can lead to more stress and the inability to make final decisions on time. 
  8. Talk About Your Problems With Someone That Can Help: Problems happen! Don't let them ruin what's supposed to be one of the most memorable moments of your life! Reach out to family and friends who can help you work through these issues. Remember, they'd love to help and be more involved if they genuinely care about you. The smart and savvy bride does this from the beginning and enlists her BBFs to share the load. 
  9. Make Your Checklist: This one may seem tricky because a long list of unaccomplished tasks may be visually stressful. However, if you've given yourself enough time, the length of the list won't matter! You'll also learn what you thought was a gigantic list in your head might be less once it's written down on paper.
  10.  Delegate Some Tasks To Others: We recommend having a few people willing to help! Hiring a professional wedding planner is also an option. If your To-Do list is compiled of tasks that only you can accomplish means you need to rethink your list. It will be IMPOSSIBLE for you to plan and execute every single detail of your wedding, no matter how well you've prepared. Trust us! Many hands make light work!
  11.  Give Yourself Enough Time: As we mentioned above, 12 months is the average time it takes to plan a wedding. Some parts of the planning process will be entirely out of your control. For example, you may find that your preferred wedding vendor (venue, photographer, caterer, florists, etc.) may be booking eight months out. If they have an excellent reputation and have been recommended by multiple sources, it's a good bet their immediate availability will be limited. Trying to book them for your event that is scheduled for 12 weeks away will be impossible.
  12.  Cut Out The Things That Don't Matter: Some brides get caught up in small details that have no ultimate effect on your event. Keep in mind that the most critical part of the day is who you're marrying and why! Stressing out about small intricate details that your guests probably won't notice can go a long way in keeping your stress levels in check. These little details can add up quickly and increase the overall cost of your wedding unnecessarily. It's beneficial to decide beforehand what's essential and what you're willing to comprise on!

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