Planning A Wedding Reception Without Kids


Planning A Wedding Reception Without Kids

Are you feeling guilty about having a wedding with no kids? Plus, a kid-free reception? Learn how to politely tell your guests to leave the kids at home for your adult-only wedding.  It's not an unreasonable request, and when shared the right way, it will avoid hurting anyone's feelings. Today on The Bride Link, we're talking all about letting parents and guests know you have a kid-free wedding planned. This would include an adults-only reception to follow. Letting guests know early enough is critical; that way, they'll have plenty of time to make arrangements for care. Here are some tips about spreading the news. But first, if you're still in the planning stages, check out our FREE Ceremony Cheat Sheet!

First and foremost, the easiest way to share this information is on your invitations or save the dates. A formal invitation should be addressed to specific individuals. So, instead of writing The Smith Family, write Mr. and Mrs. Smith directly. If you've decided on an inner envelope and an outer envelope, it would say Mr. and Mrs. Smith on the outside envelope along with their address. The inside envelope should list their specific names. That's the first indicator that kids and babies are not invited to the party. Consider including it on your wedding website if you've created one! Lastly, don't forget to tell your moms! Moms are the best way to spread any information or specifics about your wedding. This applies to your wedding party, Maid of honor, and dads.

Be clear that it's an adult-only reception as well. Using the phrase "It's the wishes of the bride and groom" can help soften the blow. You can address it politely in a way that they understand. To do this, make sure that you never say or include the words NO KIDS or NO CHILDREN. 

For example, "even though we adore your children, due to budget constraints (or space constraints), we've asked that this is going to be an adults-only event." 

It's a lot more polite if you say "adults only." That way, it seems less restrictive even though that is your intent. You can be clear that this isn't the type of occasion planned for children. You can also say it's a very formal event or even it's something the beautiful couple has expressed. Addressing it politely and being upfront and honest is the best way to get the wedding and reception you want. Don't forget to be consistent with this decision across the board. You can still use flower girls and children serving as ring bearers in your ceremony planning. For example, at our wedding, we allowed the ring bearer in the flower girl to attend the wedding and the reception. They were the only children allowed on site that day. It can land you in a sticky situation if you're not uniform about this rule across the board. Guests who have elected not to come may become unhappy if they end up seeing kids in your wedding pictures.

Even though some guests will not attend because their three-year-old isn't invited, don't fret!  If you know you want the type of party or occasion that is not kid-friendly, thank them and say you understand completely. Check out our video for more!

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