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Wedding Day Emergency Kit List


Today on The Bride Link, we are giving you everything you need for your Five Minute Wedding Day Emergency Kit! So what does that mean? A five-minute emergency kit? If you've completely forgotten to get your emergency kit together before your wedding day, don't worry! If you only have five minutes to throw everything together, here are a few suggestions for some must-haves that you need to include! 

1. All Required Medication

Sometimes we're so caught up in something that might happen. We forget about the things that we consistently do. If you're on any prescription medication or anybody in your wedding party, your fiance, close parents, or friends, make sure that they're going to be bringing it with them. It's especially crucial if it's a life-saving medication like an EpiPen. Don't forget to throw in some extra meds in there because a raging headache on your wedding day can occur. Things like Tylenol, eye drops, allergy relief pills, anything that you commonly suffer from, throw it in your kit!

Rx Meds/Epi-Pen


First Aid Kit

Hand Sanitizer


Allergy Relief 

Eye Drops 



2. Paperwork:

Something you might not have thought but is essential, but trust us, it is! Making sure that you have a copy of your timeline, and layout will be a tremendous help. Having these on hand will help your event run smoothly and on time! Other paperwork includes all your vendor's contact information, signed contracts for services you've hired, your emergency contact list, special notes, and keepsakes! A single folder should hold everything you need, and you'll be grateful everything is in one place. 

Don't always trust that your cell phone has service at your venue. Don't always trust somebody that you enlist to call your florist or bartender for something important. Did they look up the correct florist? Is the bar stocked for cocktail hour? Having the vendor contact information, not only just for the vendor company but the actual person that's going to be onsite on your wedding day! If the florist has a delivery person, I want to know who the delivery person is and what their cell phone number is. Get the contact point for every professional you've hired. Couples who choose to hire a full-service wedding planner don't need to worry as much. We always recommend using a Day-of-Coordinator at the minimum, who should ideally have a copy before your wedding day. If you're utilizing friends or family to help run your wedding day, give them each a copy too! 

As mentioned above, copies of your contract paperwork just in case something goes wrong. If you don't think that a vendor is fulfilling their contract or duties you've hired them for, having a copy handy can settle the matter instantly and get your event back on track immediately! I know it sounds like a crazy amount of work but, reviewing the contracts the night before will help a ton! If you don't know what is in your contract, it could be you making a mistake. Knowing what's actually in your agreement will help you not lose your mind if an issue rears its ugly head! Remember, successfully executing a wedding is no easy task! Keeping any event running smoothly, on time, and problem-free takes preparation, experience, and the teamwork of quality wedding vendors. 

Timeline /  Layout 

Vendor Contact Information (Business Name, Contact Point, Cell Number, etc.)

Copies of contracts for all hired vendors


3. Emergency Information & Directions:

We hope that you never have to go through it. Still, you need to know where the closest hospital is to your venue, especially if it's a destination wedding. We had somebody break their arm at a wedding once, and this venue had no cell phone service, no internet service, and everybody was from out of town. It was a nightmare to make sure that we were sending them in the right direction to the closest emergency room because we couldn't call for help. You need to make sure that you have this information printed and mapped out. Even it's somewhere close in your hometown, and you're super familiar with the area, it doesn't mean that all your guests are.


4. Random Must-Haves:

Lighter (the long kind)

Scissors – multiple pairs

Tape – multiple kinds

Bottles of Water

Sewing Kit

Extension Cord

Phone Charger + Power Cable

Bobby Pins

Lint Roller



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