Choosing Your Wedding Photographer


Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Today on The Bride Link, we're talking all about tips for wedding photography! There are so many factors to consider! Don't let yourself get stressed out when mulling over wedding photography styles or wedding photography packages! Use our helpful tips to identify the traits you want and what to ask your wedding photographer. Our wedding photography tips will help you determine the best choice! But first, grab your FREE copy of our Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist! Be prepared for anything that may pop up the day of!

What is their preferred style?
From light and airy to dark and moody, and everything in between, most photographers have a distinctive style. There are many different photography styles to choose from, and a photographer is rarely going to change their style to match your expectations. So when you're considering somebody, talk to them about their characteristics.

Speak to them about the types of photos that they take. Some photographers are better with candid shots, while others do more posed formal pictures. Some photographers prefer to capture specific details, while others may focus on showcasing emotions. Be sure to talk to your photographer about what type of photos they plan to take. You can even bring in sample shots of what you want to make sure their characteristics match your expectations. Complete this before you hire anyone or pay an initial deposit.

Do they use a second shooter?
Some photographers don't need a second shooter, but go ahead and ask why. It's an excellent opportunity to learn more about their specific process! Sometimes a second shooter isn't required, especially if you have a smaller guest count, a straightforward venue, or no wedding party. Others only work with a second shooter and use them to catch different angles and poses for specific shots.

Talk to your photographer about whether or not you'll need one for your wedding and what packages they offer that include them. A second shooter can be necessary for specific situations.

Will they create a wedding photography timeline?
An experienced wedding photographer should create a custom schedule for your event. A timeline helps ensures they can capture everything you want with the number of hours they are on-site. The more specific your image requests are, the longer it may take to obtain them. Keep this in mind when deciding on your photography package. Choosing a five or six-hour package compared to an eight or 10-hour package will make a difference.

Putting too much pressure on your photographer to get eight hours' worth of work completed in five hours' worth of time will end badly for everyone involved. Be realistic about the amount of time things take, and give yourself a cushion just in case things run behind. Just remember, when your timeline says it's time to take your pictures, listen to everything your photographer says!

Will they be communicating with your other vendors?
Knowing things like guest arrival time or how long the bridal party will be in makeup is critical. Gathering this information beforehand is vital. That's just the beginning! Having all of the specific details in place and planned will make your whole photography experience run much smoother. Your photographer will rely on this information to accurately prepare and execute your day.

Discuss which family members you want in your pictures.
It's imperative to list who you want to be in family pictures, especially if you're going to have multiple types of photos. We mean this literally! Create a list of which shots include which specific individuals. An example would be an image that has your grandmother, your mom, and the couple. Another one would consist of the couple, MOH and Best Man. Next, your grandmother, your grandfather only, and so on.

You can see how that can get complicated quickly. Creating a list of who's going to be in what pictures will help streamline the process. Each photo should take about two minutes to capture. If you're planning on getting ten different images, you need about 20 minutes to get everyone to stand in the right place, in the right pose, and smiling at the right time.


Next, discuss specific shots and poses if desired.
Your photographer should be able to help direct you on how to be posed. But if you want specific ones, you should let them know beforehand. It's essential that you look and feel relaxed, which is easier said than done. Doing things like wrapping your arms around each other can feel awkward when posing. You have to get as close to each other as possible! It might feel a little too tight at first, but leaving significant gaps between couples can ruin the entire shot.

Talk to your bridesmaids and groomsmen about how they're going to stand. Bridesmaids usually have bouquets that help them figure out what to do with their hands. Groomsmen can choose a default pose, place hands right over left or behind their backs. Palms in pockets are another option and will allow them to stand in a streamlined way.

Bring up your dress, veil, and train requirements.
How important is showcasing your dress? How long is your veil? What about your train? How do you want to incorporate them into your shots? If you have a long train on your dress, make sure that somebody is in charge of always fixing it. Long trains frequently get caught and, if left unattended, can expose the underbelly of your gown. Bringing this up to your photographer beforehand will help them deliver the exact images you're looking for.

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