How To Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony


How to Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

Today on The Bride Link, we're talking all about unique wedding ceremony ideas. Learn how to personalize your wedding to represent what you and your partner treasure most! From choosing your wedding ceremony song to adding personal touches to your wedding overall. Don't feel like you need to do it a certain way just because everyone else did the same! It's essential to identify early what aspects of your wedding you want to highlight. These important moments shared between you, friends, and family is the perfect opportunity to allow what makes you unique to shine! Decide what is most important to you early on and start customizing from there. Want your guests to have great food? Focus on making a menu of your favorites! Not into flowers but dig bright lights? Great, keep your floral budget small and splurge on the extra lightning! Do whatever you feel will make the most out of your wedding experience! Grab your FREE copy of our Ceremony Cheat Sheet! A handy guide to help answer questions about who stands where, when, and why!

Here are some easy options for personalizing your wedding ceremony


Creating a personalized ceremony playlist is a memorable option for your wedding day. Incorporating songs that are unique to you and your loved one adds a special touch to your ceremony. If you are working with a DJ, they will assist you in creating the right music for your event, simplifying the process overall. For those that are not working with a DJ, we recommend assigning a specific person the job of playing your ceremony music. Remember, there is more involved than just hitting play on a cell phone and walking away. Make sure you pick the right person. Someone who will understand the importance of timing, cues, pauses, announcements, atmosphere, etc. 

 Creative Unity Ceremony:

Unity ceremonies are a traditional option for personalizing your ceremony. Mixing sand into a container such as a jar and lighting a candle together are classic approaches to this option. However, there are various creative approaches for your unity ceremony from creating a painting together to crafting a time capsule unique to you that can be enjoyed at a later anniversary. Creative unity ceremonies allow for a significant moment that can also be saved as a memory from your wedding day. 

Hire An Artist To Paint Your Ceremony:

We love this idea! It is such a romantic and sacred moment that is captured in a custom oil painting or watercolor. This will be a gift that you both will cherish forever and always take you back to that special day. This is also a perfect gift to give if you are a guest at the wedding!

Including Friends and Family:

For the couple that would like to create more moments for friends and family to participate in their wedding, there are various options to include during your ceremony. A loved one can officiate your ceremony for example. However, it is important to check on the local laws in the location of your wedding to ensure this is possible. Fun options like including family pets or coordinating a dance to exit your ceremony with your wedding party are more unique choices to involve others!

Switch Up Your Ceremony Structure:

For a couple who is looking to switch up from the traditional chair set up try seating guests in a circle around the altar. This will certainly make you feel like you both are surrounded by love!

Write Your Own Vows:

Reciting your own vows to eachother can be romantic. We love the idea of a couple being able to recite passages that they made for each other. Be sure to be on the same page to ensure that they are the same length and both funny and romantic! 

Your Ceremony Exit Special:

It’s that memorable moment when all eyes are on you! You can exit while wearing sunglasses on, and walk out to a memorable song, like the one you heard while on your first dance or date night. Is anything special to you as a couple that you can incorporate into your wedding day? Keeping it simple and easy is also important. Find your inspiration in what makes you great together!

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