Wedding Hair and Makeup Explained


The wedding hair and makeup challenges every bridal party faces can be a tricky road to navigate. Hair and makeup for a wedding can be pricey, so having all your T's crossed and I's dotted before you book anyone and pay a deposit should be your priority. Bridal hair and makeup should be done by a professional or, at minimum, someone who's had experience with wedding parties. If wedding hair and makeup for your event are high on your must-have list, then be sure to allocate enough for pro services in your budget.

Trust us when we say, beauty services for your wedding need to happen efficiently and expertly, especially if you want that complete wedding experience. Use our easy to follow tips below and check out our FREE Clean-Up Fact Sheet! As the bride, the last thing you should worry about is where you left your phone, who packed your purse, and where all your other things are going. Let's get started!


1. Talk with your bridesmaids and wedding party about who is specifically going to pay for what services. 

The typical rule is if you make it mandatory for wedding makeup and hair completed by a professional, you as the bride are going to have to pay for it yourself. However, if you decide to make it optional where your bridesmaids could opt into having hair or makeup done, they would be expected to pay for it. Ensuring that your bridesmaids understand this before your wedding day and before you even hire your beauty pros can save a lot of money! Usually, once booked, there are no refunds regardless if somebody backs out.


If one of your bridesmaids decides that they're not going to get their hair and makeup done, you'll still be responsible for fitting the bill. Be sure to have an honest conversation with your bridesmaids beforehand about how much it will cost, who's fitting the bill, and once they agree, you can't back out. For these reasons, we suggest collecting the money upfront to make payment smooth and easy on your wedding day. 


2. Let your bridesmaids know there's going to be an early start. 

Even if you have a ceremony at five or six in the evening, you're going to have photography beforehand. If there's a large wedding party or maybe only one or two stylists on your duty team, it can be an early morning start, even for a 6:00 PM ceremony. Ensure that they understand the pecking order and the importance of on-time arrival for their hair and makeup. Your wedding timeline is paramount, and you have a limited to get everyone prepped and ready to go with no delays. 


3. Make sure the bridal suite has plenty of outlets!

Wherever you're getting ready, your hair and makeup artist is going to need to plug in things, a lot of things. Your wedding party will also need access to outlets for everyday stuff like charging their phones or playing music through a speaker. Countertop space can also be critical! Hotel rooms are not always a great place to get ready because it doesn't allow for a lot of mirror space, good lighting, and enough seating. 

One of the worst things that can delay your wedding is when hair and makeup run behind. Then photography runs behind, and then the ceremony starts late. The best way to avoid this is to allocate enough time at the beginning of the day. It doesn't hurt to pad your time in case anything runs over!


4. Being ready when it's their turn for hair and makeup to start. 

So this would include things like having dry hair! It's tough to curl hair if it's still slightly damp. Also, having a clean face with no makeup on it already. Not eating while you're getting ready will help you save precious time. If you're in the middle of eating a bagel, it becomes hard to apply your makeup, so be sure to eat beforehand. Remember, your beauty pros will need time to prep their work! Things like laying on all of their tools and heating their curling irons will take up some time. 


5. Get into your wedding dress after you've been pampered.

Keep your beautiful sparkly dress, or your white wedding gown, out of the way of all the hair and makeup! You don't want to get any makeup on it, any hair spray, or creases from sitting throughout the day. So go ahead and get those cute little robes or matching button-down shirts, so getting dressed for photography doesn't risk smudging your makeup or disturbing your updo. 

Go ahead and decide beforehand when the bride is getting her hair and makeup done. It's common to think the bride has to go last because she will want her makeup to be "fresh." So going last makes total sense, right? Not necessarily! If you're hiring a true beauty professional, your makeup to look great all day long! That should be your expectation, and that's what you're paying for.  

Plus, if you're going to go last and you've run behind, now you're just plain old late! Once that happens, there's nothing you can do about it! Ensuring that you have plenty of time to be ready before photography is essential, so stick to your timeline, sister! If you have to bump a bridesmaid to the end so you can get your hair and makeup done, DO IT! Create your pecking order and decide who goes when while doing hair and makeup. If you need to make adjustments on the fly, go ahead and make the call.


6. Trial runs are key if beauty and hair are a top priority.

A wedding hair and makeup artist will want to make sure that you're 110% happy with the way your hair and makeup looks on the day of your wedding. There's not always going to be time during the wedding day for a complete redo! I'm sure they'll tweak things as needed, but starting over can cause a big-time crunch throughout the day. Reapplying makeup is one of the biggest reasons why timelines get thrown out the window. Please don't do that!

Having a trial run can make sure that you talk through everything about your beauty the day of! Your hair and makeup artists can become familiar with things beforehand and know what you want and don't want. Things like how your hair feels, how long it is, is it coarse? Does it curl easily? How does it hold hairspray? They can have a lot more of a laid back conversation with you! If you have time for a trial run, go ahead and do it. You'll be happy that you did. Just remember, it can be an added expense in both labor and materials. Your wedding images will last a lifetime; the cost of a trial run is trivial compared to everything else you've invested.


7. Finally, remember to tip your beauty pros. 

There are a few different categories where tipping is an industry norm. Hair and makeup would be one of those. So when you get your quote for certain services, ask upfront if gratuities are in the bill. You should expect, no matter what, to pay a bonus.

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