How To Keep Your Guests Cool At Summer Wedding


How to Keep Guests Cool At Your Summer Wedding

Today on The Bride Link, we're talking all about how to keep your guests cool at your summer wedding! It can be a challenge, especially if your wedding is taking place in an area that is not climate-controlled. Cooling down your wedding will ensure your guests stay longer and enjoy themselves more! Check out these great summer wedding tips for keeping your guests cool while they celebrate with you! For everything else you need, grab a FREE copy of our Wedding Day Emergency Kit Check List!

Our first tip is an easy one! Choose a venue that offers both a climate-controlled reception area and outdoor features. For example, you can do an outdoor ceremony but then flip the reception to an indoor and air-conditioned space.!

If that's not available for you, then another option is to rent portable air conditioning units. Most rental companies will have these available, and they might be called a Port A Cool, which is a brand name of a portable air conditioner. Remember, different brands and sizes can cool different size spaces. Talk to your rental company about your venue and your guest count to figure out how many you need to keep your guests cool during your summer wedding.

An easier option is to have refreshing drinks available throughout the property. For example, cute or decorated bottles of water on ice right before the ceremony will be a welcome relief for guests in the heat. Frozen drink stations or popsicles inside champagne glasses are other fun ways to keep them cool!

Now let's talk about you! The type of wedding dress you choose will have the most significant impact on how cool you are. You need to think about what it's made out of and how much does it weigh? Some wedding gowns can weigh up to 60 pounds! That's a lot of weight to lug around on a 90-degree day. When your gown shopping and a summer wedding is in the plans, think about using lightweight fabrics and something easy to move around in. Don't forget to prepare for summer hair! Work with your beauty specialists on a style that can last through heat and humidity, especially if you're hair can be finicky on a hot summer day.

Next, let's talk about your cocktail hour. During an outdoor ceremony, the cocktail hour can begin right before it's about to cool down. If you're going to plan on having your cocktail hour outside, you need to make sure it's in a shaded area. Be sure to set up this spot beforehand if your venue doesn't already offer one. You can also split your cocktail hour, half the time outside on the patio, then open the doors to the air-conditioned space. This way, you can give your guests a little relief from the heat.

When thinking about your guests, you can also offer to "casual up the attire." Allowing them to dress less formally and leave the suit jackets at home will be a welcomed way to keep them comfortable and happy. Creating relief stations with bug spray, sunscreen, and iced downed "bottled waters spritzers" can also help your guests stay comfortable. They can spritz their face, grab a fan to cool themselves during that 90-degree day heat. It's easy to put together even at the last minute!

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