Food Trucks for a Wedding with Gelato Brothers


Food Trucks for a Wedding with Gelato Brothers

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Today, on The Bride Link podcast, we're talking all about food trucks at weddings and creamy gelato! If you're considering using food trucks for a wedding to feed your guests, join us to learn basic tips every couple should know! We'll discuss the pros and cons of using food trucks at weddings and creative ways to feature them! We have some first-hand tips for you since we're joined by food truck Shawn with Gelato Brothers! They've got a food truck that they can bring to your event that offers a European style, dessert experience. Give your guests the feeling of being in a cafe in Europe sharing a little coffee, and a little gelato! It's something your guests will find memorable and delicious! Give them a unique offering like a world-famous Brogato pour over!

He'll share basic tips and facts couples should consider when offering food truck service at their wedding. Remember, not every food truck is equipped to serve a wedding and not every venue has space for a food truck. Food trucks can be a great and memorable addition to any event. But just like your wedding flowers or photography, planning and preparation are key!


Consider the following when planning a Wedding Food Trucks:

Your venue! 

Ask the venue if they allow and work with any local trucks. Venue owners can be protective of their event space and any special requests like food truck service should be made with their permission. Most trucks need proper hookups for power so they can complete the required prep work. Keep in mind there are different hookups requirements for differently equipped trucks. Some of the trucks provide their power through their generators. Some generators are louder than others! If their truck relies on a loud generator, it may be on during your ceremony. Hookups and proper cord management are undoubtedly the best options.


Trucks that offer a unique experience.

Shawn believes experiences are gained in multiple ways! Taste, texture, lighting, presentation, and music! The idea is not only are your guests in line getting your dessert and coffee, but they get this great sensory overload that also includes an unexpected and delightful treat! Try to find local or farm to table offerings to support small businesses. Gelato Brothers offers farm to table ingredients using eggs collected from their chickens at Cedar Pond Farms! They also make homemade vanilla and onsite scratch waffles!  If that's what you're into, take the time to offer food you'd normally not experience anywhere else.


You can have more than one truck!

There's something unique about having this nice wild variety of all different choices for your guests. If your venue is equipped to handle it, then letting guests mingle around the trucks is a unique way to socialize at your wedding. Using multiple trucks also flattens the demand and guests tasty food to guests much faster. Talk with local trucks about what they offer and if you plan to have multiple options on site.

Gelato Brothers can serve 150 people in 30 to 45 minutes! More if your event calls for it. Their prep makes sure the gelato is soft, served warm, and in the hand of guests fast. Remeber, mainline foods trucks like entire dinner services need more prep time. Go out and sample the trucks you're interested in. It's great to just sample but look for how they handle a busy crowd! There is a limited amount of time guests are willing to wait to eat, especially at a wedding.


Food Trucks Photobomb!

You've got trucks that are very nice and wrapped with a limited amount of logos and labeling. Then you've got other trucks that have loud, bright colors! You want to consider that especially if your venue size is tight. Most guests will probably use the food truck as a selfie station or picture focal point! Gelato Brothers have these cute little metal signs that are hashtagged to all their social media. Guests can rip those off the front of the trailer via velcro, turn around and do a selfie with the truck in the background!

They even offer an Italian scooter and cafe seating for multiple guests as props! Capture images of family and friends enjoy Signature Bravados, a double shot espresso on top of creamy gelato! Giving them kind of a prop to interact with is great for sharing the experience Shawn discussed. If the truck doesn't look appropriate for your wedding, you can ask them to park where they won't be seen but keep in mind they will eventually serve your guests. A long walk with a full plate of food is not ideal.


Book in advance! 

Trucks can be busy and the great ones have bookings months in advance. You should aim for inquiring 6+ months in advance of your confirmed venue date. If you're interested in services with Shawn visit them at Gelato Brothers!


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