Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Set Up Kit


Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Set Up Kit

Today on The Bride Link, you can find out exactly what you need to pack in your wedding day emergency kit! For a quick cheat sheet, get your FREE copy of our Wedding Day Emergency Kit List! 

To be as prepared as you can be for your wedding day, it's best to create two different types of kits. Today, we're addressing your Set-Up Kit, which lists everything that your set-up person should have while decorating for a wedding. Also called your decor kit, it helps solve easy problems as soon as they pop up. If you've opted to have a friend or family member do your wedding decor, they'll have access to common items and won't need to bother you, the guest of honor, while you're getting ready on such an important day. We discussed building your Personal Kit on a separate blog, which focuses on what you need on hand while getting ready. It's full of items like bobby pins, hairspray, deodorant, and that's for you as the client so you can be pampered all day.

If a full-fledged wedding planner is out of your budget, recruit a friend, an aunt, or some sort of volunteer that will act as your day-of coordinator! We cannot stress this enough, a day-of coordinator is essential if you hope to have a smooth wedding day! This person will be responsible for decor set up, managing/communicating with vendors, and executing your timeline so you don't have to. Be sure to pick someone responsible, not easily overwhelmed, and who can problem solve quickly. The goal is for them to handle any issues that arise, knowing that bothering the bride, should be the last resort!

Your day-of coordinator will benefit from having an emergency kit! The key to success is all about being prepared, so here is a list of what they should have with them as they begin setting up. They need to have copies of important paperwork, which includes copies of your timeline for all vendors. Ideally, anyone working your wedding should have a copy of the timeline days before your event. Copies of your layout should also be available for any vendor that needs to set up on-site. Just like your timeline, send copies to all your vendors before the wedding day arrives.

Contact information (name and phone number) for each vendor that's going to be onsite THAT day. If you need to get a hold of them in a pinch, you'll have what your need at your fingertips. Copies of your vendor contracts and invoices should also be available. Disputes happen all the time over specific set-up details. What you agreed to with the manager or head florist may not have been relayed to the actual person working your wedding. Your contract outlines what's expected and what you've paid for, so having copies to settle the dispute is extremely valuable.

Next, let's talk about the actual setup! You're going to want to start with having some fasteners and we mean multiple kinds. Fasteners include things like ribbon, we suggest either white or ivory, and you could even throw in a little blue something blue if you want. Don't forget to include twine, fishing line, close pins, clamps, and floral wire. All of these have come in handy during wedding setups.

Ideally, this will at least cover your bases with installing or hanging anything on site. If anybody wants you to get too deep into hanging stuff into the ceiling, you need to talk to professionals or the venue first. Venues have strict rules about what is allowed, so don't assume you can hang anything you want. Also, hanging lights and plugging them into outlets needs to be cleared with a professional. Drawing too much power from one location can trip a breaker, potentially causing the entire venue to go dark! YIKES! Keep in mind, if you've dreamed of a ceiling full of hanging lights for your wedding, you should know it's one of the most time-consuming tasks a vendor or friend will perform. If you're hoping to set them up on the wedding day, expect it to take hours.

Next, you're gonna want to talk about tape! I love tape! We recommend having five or six different types of tape at every single wedding. This includes floral tape, scotch tape, masking tape, double-sided tape, and this really special tape called a gaffer's tape. Gaffers state might be something that you would see a musician or a DJ have. It used to secure cords or wires across the floor. It's not duct tape, although it might look like it, so don't confuse the two. What makes it different is it doesn't leave a sticky residue after you pull it up. It is incredible because useful, especially in areas where you're not allowed to leave any marks. 

Some other must-haves include a lighter, the long kind works best! A traditional lighter is useless for candles that are too far down into a base. They are also the safest thing for sparklers, so you don't get them too close to your hand or your face. Don't forget about your scissors! Let me go ahead and tell you now, somebody's gonna steal your scissors! So buying extra pairs will save you from exploding in anger when you realize they're missing. Include two SHARP pairs in your kit because nothing is more aggravating than dull scissors, trust me. One should be used for cutting ribbon and fabric. The second pair should be used for heavy-duty cutting. But the more the merrier, you can never have enough scissors! Next, it doesn't hurt to bring an extension cord, your cell phone charger, and cables. Your set-up person should be easy to contact! Always, always include multiple bottles of water. Even if the weather's going to be nice outside, set up can take a while and you want to make sure that you're well-hydrated, but especially in the summer. 

These final few items aren't essential but are nice to have on hand. Different types of pens just in case they were forgotten for the guest book. Pack a chalk ink pen, a black Sharpie, unlined note cards in case we need to create reserved signs or menu items for the tables. We always bring matching white umbrellas as wedding planners. If it rains, you'll have them on hand for pictures. A hot glue gun and glue sticks if you've been doing something crafty for the wedding DIY projects. Don't forget about the most important item, snacks! You'll be doing setup for a long period and it doesn't of your stomach starts to rumble. Throw in a couple of protein or granola bars in your kit for quick energy! Being prepared will solve most wedding day emergencies, so take the time to build your list.

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