COVID-19 Action Plan for Weddings and Events

COVID-19 Action Plan for Weddings and Events

We have gathered some suggestions to help you navigate the pandemic situation and created a COVID-19 Action Plan for Weddings and Events we wanted to share with you. Our advice is only advice, so please consult a lawyer on legal questions.

  • Event insurance is not currently available, but consider getting event insurance in the future if your date is far enough into the future.
  • Contact vendors you work with to make sure you are on the same page about how to handle cancelations and especially postponements.
  • Review your contract to see if you are entitled to a partial refund or a full refund if you cancel. If you postpone, see what restrictions or penalties you have listed in the original contract.
  • Start with your venue and then contact your wedding pros that will be the hardest to rebook (for example, a caterer may do 5 events in a day but a venue only does 1).
  • Limit in-person meetings and switch to phone meetings only if possible.​

If you choose to cancel your event:

We first encourage you to postpone your event for a later date. Even consider getting married on your original wedding date, but schedule the big event for a later time. If you do decide to cancel, understand what your contract says and contact each wedding vendor directly. Notify guests as soon as possible as they may need to cancel hotels and vacation time off.

If you choose to postpone your event:

We consider this the best case scenario for you to have the wedding you dreamed of without the burden of folks getting sick. Your wedding pros want to work with you to make your event possible and many are rescheduling events at no penalty considering the current situation. Notify guests as soon as possible as they may need to cancel hotels and vacation time off.

If you choose to have your event as scheduled:

If you are going to perform services at an event during the pandemic here is a COVID-19 Action Plan for Events:

  • Contact your venue to see what measures they have in place to protect you, clients, and guests. Hand sanitizer/cleaning of the rooms/foyer etc
  • Ask that rehearsals only include the must-have members of processional (those that are walking down the aisle)to limit exposure and contact as much as possible.
  • If there is a buffet dinner, consider having a staff member on hand to serve all food so everyone does not touch the same serving utensils.
  • Use extra tongs for the appetizer displays/late night station and bar
  • Extra hand sanitizers at all entrances/exits/bar/guest book signing station/etc
  • Reduce the guest count if necessary
  • Keep tables 6 ft away from each other if possible.
  • Switch to only disposable plates, cups, utensils, and napkins.
  • Encourage guests to clear their own plates into trash receptacles or have bussers switch gloves often.
  • Have guests wear disposable gloves while eating.
  • If possible, leave linens for removal the next day, as the virus can live on fabric for 6-12 hours.
  • Ask vendors how they are cleaning items that will be used by multiple people (example: the props at a photobooth or the guest book pen).
  • Ensure your vendors provide your staff with gloves, sanitizer, cleaning supplies as needed.
  • Stay 6 feet away from guests when possible (no hugs!)
  • Don’t hug/kiss your guests
  • Consider your guestbook or equivalent, are guests signing using the same pen? You may need to revisit this by purchasing one pen for each guest and they throw it away after use.
  • Use disposable tissues if you cry
  • Put peppermint oil on your fingertips so you feel a slight burn if you touch your face and the scent reminds you not to.

We will be sharing more as this pandemic unfolds. We will work with you to help create solutions for positive outcomes. For more expert wedding planning advice, follow us @thebridelink.

​Please let us know how we can help!

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