Yugen Productions: Videography for Weddings and Events

Yugen Productions: Videography for Weddings and Events

Demand for videography for weddings in Knoxville and the surrounding areas has grown tremendously recently! Finding the right videographer for your wedding isn't a easy task! The quality of wedding vendors in Tennessee varies like every other state, that's why so many couples trust The Bride Link. If you're currently planning your event, take the time to review our list of professional wedding services.

The Bride Link is thrilled to announce one of our newest members, Yugen Productions! For any interested couples in need, they’re offering a special price for bookings that take place before Jan 31st, 2020! You can also reach them at [email protected] or 276-591-6437.

Austin Sorah, founder and owner, created Yugen Productions from his passion for filming. “Yugen Productions was established in 2017 as a part-time venture I wanted to grow into a full-time agency. We did just that! I still remember my first wedding video,” says Austin, “After it was finished, I had fallen in love with every piece of the process!” “We’re also local to Knoxville, but I love to travel. I’m entirely open to working anywhere in the United States or even abroad if needed. I film weddings, but I would also love to take on other projects! Things like: engagements, family events, graduations, birthday parties, and anything else.”


We asked Austin what else brought him into the world of filming:

“The modern world has videography needs in nearly every way imaginable. Some straightforward and clear cut, others much bigger with emphasis on full artistic expression. I found that weddings are somewhere in the middle. They are challenging and full of creative freedom and mean so much to the couple and their family! It is what motivated me to seek out more opportunities to hone my craft and learn what couples were looking for.”

Our next question made Austin chuckle; we had just been baited! We obviously asked what exactly had he learned? “Two significant lessons have stuck out to me!” said Austin. “The first lesson is to be prepared for absolutely anything. Weddings have so many moving parts and are incredibly dynamic! It rains, it pours, it’s hot, it’s cold, its windy, things happen, and you have one chance to deliver what you’ve promised. I keep this in mind when I’m on-site, it’s crucial to stay flexible.” “The second lesson has become a driving factor for my work! Brides and Grooms do not see their wedding unfold. The first time they get to experience the entirety of it comes from watching videography footage. So much happens that makes a wedding extraordinary, and I have the privilege and opportunity to capture hundreds of perspectives the couple would otherwise never visually experience. To see that emotion from them is indescribable!”

“That emotion is my favorite part of the entire wedding industry, without a doubt. I love the feelings that flood weddings. It’s logical to think that happiness is the main emotion I capture, but that is only part of it. The anxiousness of such a big day is always present. Other feelings include nostalgia for all the shared memories, the new emotional connections of guests, the excitement and celebrations, the tears of joy, and of course, we can’t forget the cheers of happiness and everlasting love.”


What about your favorite part of the actual wedding?

“My favorite part of filming a wedding is the do or die shots. Especially when a second shooter and I are in sync, and I can feel it. Being able to identify moments that we know we HAVE to capture. These moments seem to dig into my instincts and give me a pretty cool feeling. I genuinely cannot wait to show it to the couple!”

The Bride Link seeks out passionate vendors who love what they do! That passion is what separates the good vendors from the great ones! Yugen Productions is a phenomenal one!


We asked Austin to elaborate on what makes his service different from other Knoxville wedding videographers:

“I come from a sales background, which gives me an additional perspective others may not have. So, I understand the sales process well, which gives me additional experiences in creating a seamless and stress-free process. I am not a pushy salesman, and I take a straightforward sales approach by showing the value I can offer first. I let that drive the client to a decision. The process is more important than the pitch, and it is my goal always to communicate quickly and consistently.” Austin had more to offer, “I have also worked for a Fortune 500 company, and I know how large corporate companies operate. Often decisions are driven by shareholder influence and not consumer satisfaction. I left that world to chase freedom and not riches! So, personal relationships with my clients are my focus and not how much I can charge them.”

 “My most recent projects was one of my favorites! I was able to travel to Roanoke, VA, for a wedding! It was a cool venue, but an extremely challenging one. The Bride and Groom faced quite a few adversities on their big day. The a/c unit was only partly working, the schedule had to be changed significantly, and the ceremony was in a room that had windows all around it. Not ideal for photography or videography! We had to trust our instincts and our equipment, and go with it. Thankfully, we nailed it! Navigating the challenges of that shoot ended up being my favorite edit to date!


We asked Yugen Productions what new trends they’ve experienced:

“Honestly, we’re seeing videography becoming a more significant trend! Video platforms are more accessible now than ever, which makes sharing the video that much easier. Social media platforms support video heavily, which is also driving more couples to consider doing more than just photography. Videography equipment has also become fantastic, and you no longer need a huge production crew to produce cinematic-like visual stories. People are seeing the value of having such an emotional and realistic video that captures one of, if not, the most impactful day of their married life!" At The Bride Link, we couldn’t agree more!


We followed up with asking what Yugen Productions wished couples knew before they reach out to you?

“I do wish every couple knew more about the process of creating a beautiful wedding video. I often hear people talk about how expensive wedding videography. Its completely understandable, as wedding costs add up fast. Having said that what separates a genuine production company from others are things like equipment, processes in place, behind the scenes productions, and the core fundamentals of film making.” 

“We have easily over ten thousand dollars in equipment, subscriptions to licenses for software, music, and hundreds of hours of experience. But, it’s only a wish that couples knew that! It’s our responsibility to help inform our couples what goes into capturing their incredible event.” We always recommend hiring a professional for these types of events. When you’re ready to hire any vendor, make sure you do your research. “Request examples of their work, ask for references and check out their online presence. Whomever you choose, make sure their reputable and legitimate. I see more and more couples picking vendors solely on price and not considering other factors. Remember, you get one chance to record your day. It’s impossible to reproduce!”


Any more advice you can share with our readers?

“From a videography standpoint, it would be to get a wedding planner that is spectacular at what they do! Someone who has a compatible personality with you, and give them 100% of your trust so that they can absorb your stress and allow you to enjoy the moment genuinely! A great planner ensures wedding success! Not only for the couple but also for any vendors working at the wedding.”


What can couples expect when they book a consultation with Yugen Productions?

"Couples should expect a laid back environment. I have a home office, so I like to meet my clients at a public place like a local coffee shop or bakery with a treat on me! My goal is to connect with them and take care of all the formalities upfront. They should also fully expect to have as much time and freedom to ask any questions they have. I hope the couples who walk out of the meeting feeling 100% confident in what they will receive!”

Don't forget Yugen Production services Chattanooga, Crossville, Maryville, Nashville, Smoky Mountains,Tri-Cities and nationwide!

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