What is a Micro Wedding?

Micro weddings are becoming more and more popular! What is a micro wedding, you ask? Tiny weddings or micro weddings usually consist of 30 or fewer guests. A more intimate wedding option, they represent a substantial cost saving over traditional events. That's just the beginning! Join us for more below! Before we get started, don't forget to grab a FREE copy of our Wedding Day Emergency Kit List to ensure you have everything you need!

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Today, we're talking about a new trend that we've seen growing and growing, and it's all about micro weddings! We're going to tell you a bit about what they are and the reasons you might want to have one. We'll include some extra special tips on how to have a fabulous micro wedding as well! We've brought in our expert from Chapel in the Hollow, Chastidyi, to discuss everything with us. Not only is she a venue owner, but she also specializes in photography. She's a Jack of all trades, and Chapel in the Hollow is one of the best places to have a micro wedding!

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Today I want to talk to you a bit about the difference between an elopement and a micro wedding.

So there are a few different schools of thought on that. I think elopements are people running off to get married spontaneously. So, it's a last-minute thing; they forget all their friends and family and run off somewhere to Vegas or the Smoky Mountains. They don't care as much about the little details that are going on. They want to go and get married. Maybe they're going to the courthouse, or perhaps they'll come into Chapel in the Hollow!

Chapel in the Hollow completes tons of elopements and takes care of many details to make planning a little bit easier for them. That's what I think the big thing with elopements is, it's quick, and it's easy! They're don't want a lot of stress that comes with inviting 50 or more people.

A micro wedding is usually less than ten guests. Other people say less than 30. I think that either way is equally valid! Micro weddings, like elopements, sometimes happen much more quickly than a traditional wedding within maybe a few months instead of years and years of planning. The big difference again is in the details. Most couples that choose a micro wedding want all the details of a traditional wedding. But they want it to be all very personalized. They don't want to spend thousands of dollars to do it for 150 people. So why spend all that money on people who are not necessarily that close to you? If you want to have a great wedding, but you're on a budget, a micro wedding is a perfect option.

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So I know you work with a lot of clients that do micro weddings. How many does your venue hold?

We have had up to 45 people on the property before, but we like it to stay under 20 if possible. It's just easier to manage, it seems less stressful for the couple, and things seem to flow more smoothly. If you get over 20 people, I highly recommend coordination services; we work exclusively with Custom Love Gifts, who we adore! We've worked with some clients with micro weddings, and something I like is they get everything they want out of a wedding. Still, they don't have to worry about the expense of $50 a plate multiplied by a hundred, or as you said, or 150 people. Check out our podcast for more!

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