How to Automate Your RSVP Wedding Guest List


Automate Your RSVP Wedding Guest List

Today on The Bride link is all about RSVP wedding tips! We're going to show you how to automate collecting your wedding guest's addresses. Using this method will automatically populate your wedding guest list in an excel or google spreadsheet. Work smarter, not harder, and using this guide will help you save time and focus on other wedding planning duties. No need to ask for help from friends or family to organize your wedding guest list and addresses! Need more wedding tips and advice from an expert? Download our free Wedding Linens Layout Guide!

Getting Started

When you're ready to send your save the dates or invitations, having an organized wedding guest list already created will save you a tremendous amount of time. Our video highlights the simple steps needed to collect your addresses with perfect accuracy. It's effortless to gather the information, automatically puts it in a spreadsheet, and lets you access it any place and any time! Best of all, you didn't have to do a ton of work!

Creating Your List

There's an example of a really basic wedding guest address list that we created in the video. The form will look like when somebody opens it, the way one of your guests will see it. They'll submit their information, and then you get alerted right away! Keeping all of this data in one secure location is ideal. I'm going to show you not only how to make one of these, it's pretty basic, but also to make one that's a little bit more unique.

Creating a Gmail Account for Your Wedding

If you've not yet made a Gmail address, especially a GMAIL address specific for your wedding, go ahead and do. Having your wedding-specific email address will help you keep everything separate and organized. You can also share the log-in information with your family/friends who are helping plan your event! Using this method ensures accuracy, allows you to access the list anywhere from your phone, gets all your questions answered, and much more! All is accomplished with our easy-to-follow step-by-step video! With their help, you can enjoy the planning process and know you're collecting all the information you need. Watch our video above for the rest!

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