4 Priceless Beauty and Hair Tips Bridesmaids Need to Know

4 Priceless Beauty and Hair Tips Bridesmaids Need to Know

The focus of a wedding is the happy couple, but bridesmaids and groomsmen should look their best too. Aside from supporting the couple emotionally and mentally, the bridesmaids and groomsmen should also help out in the wedding preparations. Their participation ensures that everything goes smoothly and the day is unforgettable to all guests.

From the hairstyle to the makeup, and down to the dress, it’s often challenging to dress up as a bridesmaid. You want to look good without upstaging the bride. If you’re taking on a bridesmaid role or a bride who’s still undecided on the look the squad will be sporting, this is the right place.

Here are four great beauty and hair tips for the ladies surrounding the most important lady of the event.

1. Have Varying Styles of the Dress

Typically, weddings only have one style of bridesmaid dresses. This works at times, but it should be considered that not all women have the same body type. What may be flattering for one will look awkward in another.

Make the dresses coordinated without being exactly the same. It will also look better in photos if the dresses are mismatched beautifully. In this way, the ladies-in-waiting can have dresses that suit their style and fit their ideal hairstyle.

Brides should consider having only one designer for the bridesmaid dresses so they’re still under the same theme. More importantly, the bridesmaids should share their thoughts and preferences. They’ll be grateful that they contributed ideas on what to wear and be more satisfied with the dress.

2. Make Use of Hair Extensions

Bridesmaids often want to try new hairstyles during an event. Since they are wearing gorgeous dresses, it’s only fitting that they have perfect hairstyles to match. To give them more options and allow them to experiment, buy some clip-in extensions.

What’s good about hair extensions is that they’re practically perfect. Everything annoying about real hair, like split ends, flyaway hair, and dry hair, doesn’t exist in extensions. Bridesmaids will surely enjoy trying them on and figuring out what new hairstyle can suit them.

Extensions can be put on quickly, and they don’t feel heavy on the head. They’re only temporary, so they can enhance the look for any event or a special weekend. They also add volume, so the stylist will achieve any hairstyle peg more easily.

3. Practice the Makeup Style Plenty of Times before the Wedding

For bridesmaids who want to do their own wedding makeup, it goes without saying that they should practice. There’s nothing worse than having to settle for bad makeup because there’s no time left before the ceremony. It’s much better to grasp the technique needed to master it and shorten the application time.

In the weeks and days leading to the wedding, do the makeup plenty of times. This gives enough time for adjustments and more experimentation. One may discover better shades or combinations as they go along.

Preparation does not just include practicing the makeup but also taking care of the skin. Avoid bad habits like sleeping with makeup on and forgetting to do the skin-care routine. When the day comes, wear natural makeup that looks pretty in pictures and brings out good features.

4. Apply Sunscreen during Outdoor Weddings

It’s essential to apply sunscreen especially if the wedding is outdoors. Even without a special occasion, men and women alike should wear it all day. It protects the skin from the sun’s rays, avoids wrinkles, and decreases the risk of skin cancers.

Some people worry that the sunscreen will ruin wedding photos, but that’s not always the case. It should only be a concern if the photographer uses flash photography, mostly during indoor weddings. The face reflects the flash and ends up looking ghostly.

Sunscreen should be applied under the foundation, where it also becomes another makeup base. After applying sunscreen, wait for several minutes before putting on the foundation to allow the skin to absorb it. As a bridesmaid, remind the bride and the other bridesmaids to apply sunscreen too.

Beauty Sleep Isn’t a Myth

Getting enough sleep for weeks leading to the wedding really helps. Beauty sleep is very real, and it provides the skin with plenty of benefits. Having too little sleep deprives the brain, the body, and the skin of the nourishment they need.


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