Flower Girl Dresses That Compliment Your Wedding Theme

Flower Girl Dresses That Compliment Your Wedding Theme

The flower girl traditionally leads the way for the bride during the wedding ceremony, decorating the aisle with freshly plucked flower petals. All the while looking adorable in her dress and (hopefully) hitting her ques! They are an adorable part of each wedding day and need a dress to match! Your flower girl should feel extra special on your wedding day. The flower girl knows how to steal the hearts of your guests and while also paving the way for your grand entrance. Choosing the right dress along with your flower girl herself can be a memory to cherish as you prepare to celebrate one of the most memorable events of your life. A few things to keep in mind are; considering the age of your flower girl along with the style preferences you've already picked. This will help determine the perfect dress so your wedding processional will be as glamorous as possible!


1. The Traditional Flower Girl Dress

For a classic look, there are various options for flower girl dresses. You can select a neutral option such as ivory or silver that feature elegant details to match your theme perfectly. Details like bows, ruffles, and tulle skirts are precious options for your flower girl’s dress. A shimmering dress can impress the crowd with audible gasps and OHs! The perfect response you’re targeting that puts a smile on your flower girl’s face (makes for amazing photos!). Traditional full-length flower girl dresses can be custom made ensuring the right fit and function. This way, your flower girl can confidently walk down the aisle. Tea-length flower girl dresses also remain a classic look while allowing more comfort for the flower girl throughout the day. A custom dress can also be designed for continued wear!


2. A Pop of Colour

There are various flower girl dresses available in beautiful colours. The flower girl dress can be designed specifically for your wedding day! You may prefer a more colorful option to traditional neutrals. Incorporating your wedding colours within the flower girl’s dress is a charming trick that emphasizes your wedding theme, all while looking spectacular! A great example is matching the flower girl’s dress to the flower petals they’ll sprinkle down the aisle! Various styles are available that feature fun splashes of colour for both dress materials and complementary accessories. Whether your flower girl’s dress features sequins, lace, or bows adding pops of colour is a fun option that truly makes your wedding your own!

Flower Girl Dress white
Flower Girl Dress Magenta
Flower Girl Dress Black
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