Five Trends We’re Seeing in the Wedding Industry

Five Trends We’re Seeing in the Wedding Industry

When planning your dream wedding, there are endless ideas and options for every detail. As members of the wedding industry, we love experiencing the many different trends that help create the perfect wedding day experience. From new, unique styling ideas to fun twists on traditional options, we have compiled a list of trends we’re seeing in the wedding industry. These trends will help give life to the wedding you’ve always envisioned!

The Modern Bohemian Wedding

We’re rolling away the whiskey barrels and shutting the barn doors! This modern bohemian wedding is a stunning trend for the couple that loves the outdoors and prefers simple styling. Unique details such as pampas grass and succulents, an earth tone color palette, and clean, geometric lines create the ambiance for this wedding trend. The modern bohemian wedding also emphasizes venues with breathtaking views. You and your guests will be delighted on your wedding day when it finally comes together in stunning fashion.

Photos by: Derek Halkett

Food Trucks + Mobile Bars

Wedding food can be fun! If you and your significant other can’t decide on what to serve on your wedding day, food trucks are the perfect option. A wider selection of food can be available to you and your guests with food trucks. This trend may also allow for your favorite dish to make an appearance at your wedding that may not otherwise be available with classic catering options. An array of various unique food trucks are available! From taco trucks to gelato trucks for dessert. Check your local food apps reviews or a quick search on your favorite engine to see what’s available in your area locally. You still need to stick to the traditional time schedule and schedule a minimum of 6 months ahead. With this being a popular option, the premium trucks may require even more notice. Featuring food trucks at your wedding will please the crowd and add a memorable experience to your wedding day. Mobile bars have also been a huge trend in the wedding industry! These add such a unique touch to your wedding and add for perfect pictures. 

Photo by: Alex Motoc

Unique Wedding Outfits

Who says you have to stick to one outfit or stay in heels on your wedding day? Changing into a second outfit for your reception allows you to be more comfortable and emphasizes your grand entrance! Those who choose heels for their ceremony may change into personalized sneakers for the reception. For the trend of unique wedding outfits, individuals may also choose a different color wedding dress or a new style like a jumpsuit for their wedding look. This is a fun trend that allows for creativity in what you choose to wear on your dream day! 

Photo by: Break the Mold Photo

Micro Weddings

We have definitely seen a rise in micro weddings this year and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them! We love seeing small and intimate weddings that focus on who is attending than the overall event. These weddings are usually with 50 guests or less and make it easier to spend quality time with all your guests! Think of a micro wedding as a cross between an elopement and a big, traditional wedding—and it might just be the perfect compromise to suit your style.

Photographer + Venue: Star Noir Studio Chastidyi + Chapel in the Hollow

Backyard Weddings

If you are looking for a more intimate at-home wedding, backyard weddings have become a big trend, especially since covid. Seeing couples embrace what's right in front of them by hosting an intimate celebration outdoors is so beautiful and being able to add your own personal touches on your wedding day! Remember to make sure to set whatever mood you’re in at your wedding.  Do you want it to be playful and fun with lots of lawn games, intimate and cozy with string lights, or do you want more of a daytime garden party affair? Whatever you choose, it will be stunning and a day to remember!

Photo by: Ben Rosett




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