Avoiding Family Drama On Your Wedding Day


Avoiding Family Drama At Your Wedding

Weddings are about celebrating the love of two people alongside friends and family. When planning your wedding day, you may have concerns about family drama becoming involved. It is essential to prepare for these concerns before your wedding so you and your family can enjoy your special day stress-free. Here are our top 3 tips for dealing with family drama on your wedding day:

 Hire a Day of Wedding Coordinator

Hiring a day-of wedding coordinator will ensure you have a neutral party on your side to ensure the day goes smoothly. Informing your coordinator on any family drama will allow them to plan accordingly. They may strategically plan aspects of the day from seating and photography timing so that individual family members do not cross paths. A day of wedding coordinator can also directly address any issues that may arise so that you can relax and have fun on your wedding day! 

 Divorced Parents 

 Estranged Family Members (Sister and Mom argued// Mom was not in grooms’ life // MOB with a drug and alcohol problem) 

 It may not be drama but just accommodating the needs of the family. Work with a wedding coordinator to discuss the logistics of guests that need unique accommodation, for things like using a wheelchair or a cane.

Set the Expectation

Let your family know your expectations for your wedding day. Communicating any concerns beforehand can remind your family about how much their support means to you. This also allows your family to notify you of anything they may specifically need on your wedding day. 

 “I hate my stepmom story.” 

 If you feel like you can’t do this alone, it is ok to have another family member or your future spouse present and there for you. If needed, you can also have that support system to work together to make sure anyone that is usually causing drama is on their very best behavior on your wedding day. Don’t be afraid to show some tough love with the hard stance that if they can’t be on their best behavior, they can’t come. You can ask your support system to ask someone to leave if things go that far.  


Avoiding family-drama on your wedding day sometimes requires consideration as you plan different aspects of the event. You may choose to walk down the aisle with more than one person or opt-out of a wedding party. These choices can alleviate stress on your party and prevent family conflict. Considering what works best for you to feel the most comfortable on your wedding day is what matters most. 

 Being considerate, even though it is “your day” can go a long way and encourage others to meet you in the middle and accommodate your requests. Even further, if you focus on the two of you getting married that day as the most important thing, and try not to sweat small details, you will be able to destress. 

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