Keeping Guests Warm During Your Winter Wedding


Today on The Bride Link, we want to give you just a few tips on how to keep your wedding guests cozy should you be having a fall or winter wedding! 

First things first, let's talk about warm cozy beverages. You could do a crockpot full of hot cocoa or warm cider and offer this to your guests during pre-ceremony or throughout the entire night. 

Another option is an obvious one, and that is to rent heaters from your local rental company. They can run a couple of hundred dollars, maybe more plus delivery fees and you'll have to plan in advance if you want them. So you're kind of gambling on weather, but they definitely do make a big difference in this space, especially if you're using like a tent or another area that might be as open. 

The next option is to get a tent, especially a tent with sides. This can trap in a lot of body heat and keep things extra warm, especially during the winter months. A tent plus heaters is even better! Definitely offers the absolute best combo to ensure your friends and family don’t get cold.

Our next tip one way you might want to look into the liability of, but we suggest fire pits. Fire pits and smores can be a cozy addition to any wedding, but you want to make sure that your venue has space in an area for it and also if they allow open flames. A lot of venues have different rules, they are all unique!

 For example, they might say that one person from the venue staff has to be present the entire time that the fire pit is burning. They might charge extra for that plus require you to use their on-site firewood or fuel. Be sure to check in with your venue and see what they will allow and also. You should also check if any local burn warnings have been issued or anything restricting you from starting a fire in that area. 

The next step is an easy one and one that you might not think about. And that's candles! Candles can give off quite a bit of heat, especially if you have a large amount of them in an enclosed space. So if you're worried about your winter wedding being a little bit on the chilly side, adding tons and tons of candles can make for a nice warm addition!

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