How Much Should You Spend On Groomsmen Gifts?

Wedding ceremonies continue to change in more meaningful ways over the years. There is a wide array of themes, venues, and gift-giving ideas that you can choose from. The list of essentials for every wedding is continuously growing and becoming increasingly more attractive. 

But the basic foundation of having a wedding will remain the same. When two people wish to spend the rest of their lives together, the way to eternalize that commitment is by exchanging “I dos” in front of a marriage officiant. It is a truth universally acknowledged by social and religious conventions across the world. When it comes to wedding ceremonies, there are tons of directions couples can take it even more unforgettable.


A combination of sales insights from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts and data from the Wedding Report maps out details on every state’s wedding profile. The report is presented with a visually engaging map. It showcases what you need to know in terms of average cost for weddings, the average number of groomsmen, and the average gift spending at a wedding for every state.

It provides a detailed breakdown for each state across regions all the way from Southeast, Midwest, West, Southwest, to the North. Starting with the Northern regions, New York takes the cake on the highest number of weddings. Connecticut leads in the average amount spent by couples during wedding ceremonies. Delaware had the least number of weddings in the same year but with huge average spending. The detailed map also displays just how many couples show their love and appreciation for their entourage. It gives snippets of in-demand gifts for groomsmen in every state including brief descriptions of each. You’d be surprised to see the results, especially if you plan on having a wedding out of town. 


 All these and more will make your wedding day a lot easier to decide on and less stressful. The map graphic is where you want to steer your attention to if you have an upcoming wedding to plan out and need more information on how to make it even more fabulous. 


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