Seven Wedding Linen Color Ideas for Fall

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 There’s nothing quite like fall with its cool and crisp air, amber skies, and gorgeous foliage. It’s no wonder the changing autumnal landscape is considered one of the most beautiful times to get married.  Fall weddings are all about evoking the lush natural tones of the season and bringing warmth and depth to the celebration. And there’s no better way to achieve this look than through your wedding linens and fabrics.

If you’re planning to tie the knot in autumn, we’ve got you covered with these gorgeous color palettes for your wedding linens.


Red + Orange Mix

 Fall weddings bring to mind rich reds and bright oranges. When it comes to wedding linens, however, according to BBJ Linen’s article about rustic wedding ideas, color mixed fabrics that won’t compete with the setting. Opt for reds imbued with deep purple and hints of metallic gold that honor the season’s variations. This adds a lot of depth to your tablescape without overdoing your table decor. 

Different shades of oranges in undulating stripes also subtly evoke autumn’s best – pumpkins, mellow sunsets, and fallen leaves – without coming out dull or uninspired. Instead, keep solid colors to the napkins and runners as accents to your wedding tablescape.


Cool, Neutral Colors

 If you’re tying the knot early in fall, then cool, neutral colors are the logical transition from summer’s bold and vibrant palettes. Neutral shades of ivory, taupe, green, and gold offer a respite from tropical colors without losing the idyll of nature. Ivory wedding linens create the perfect foundation to build a splendid fall tablescape. Accents can include deep green chargers, amber lanterns, and gold flatware.


Black and Silver

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 If you’re feeling a little more adventurous this fall, then a dramatic silver table linen that drapes to the floor should do the trick. Innovative as it is exciting, this gleaming fabric contrasts well against rustic elements like pale wood and richly colored floral centerpieces. 

To finish the design, accessories like black candles, graphic napkins, and black and white dinnerware add sophistication and charm to the tablescape.  


Autumn Maple

 Not exactly orange and not quite red, autumn maple is the quintessential fall shade. Whether as a solid or a component tone in a fabric, this unique color can bring much-needed vibrancy to your fall wedding. Its amber tones deliver an eye-catching contrast and subdued look when paired with deep purple. Used in accent pieces like candles or chargers, autumn maple works well with patterned linens that hearken to the season’s mellow landscape.


Blue for Fall

 Blue is perhaps the last color you’ll associate with autumn. But according to BBJ Linen, blue and cream wedding linens create a surprisingly charming rustic tablescape. Paired with wooden chargers and unadorned china, blues and whites work perfectly against a background of aged brick or varnished wood. 

To add more autumnal flare, use mismatched vintage glassware alongside brass candlesticks to complete the arrangement. Remember to layer your blues with soft tones, or mix solids with subtle patterns, to create interesting vistas for your tablescape.


Mixed Metallics

 Mixed metallics are popular throughout the year, and fall is no exception. Although autumn is more known for its lush, natural colors, wedding linens in brass, gold, and silver make a stunning base for rustic table design. 

Textured linens and patterned overlays are faultless with dried florals, maple leaves, and monochrome mums, creating a contemporary setting that’s cozy and stylish at the same time. Paired with crystal candle holders and delicate china, metallic wedding linens in fall make elegance look effortless.


Dark and Moody

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 Halloween is another event that comes to mind during fall. Take a cue from this unique celebration by going for a moody color palette on your wedding day. Opt for textured, dusky rose, or pink-white table linens to drape your table. These blush colors are dramatic when paired with black accessories like chargers and mismatched goblets. 

Fabrics with lace ornaments also add a touch of nostalgia to your tablescape’s moody aura. Lastly, violet napkins also provide a great backdrop for your flatware and accentuate the distinct aesthetic of your fall wedding.  


 Table linens play an important role in your wedding, serving as a backdrop of your table’s accessories and centerpieces. When comes to fall weddings, the colors can be as expansive as your imagination. While warm and bright palettes of red, orange, and yellow best capture the season’s natural tones, neutrals, metallics, and blacks are also finding their way in autumn affairs. To truly transform your event decor, choose wedding linens that reflect your distinct aesthetic. Try out unexpected color combinations. Or, opt for textured or patterned fabrics that instantly add depth and excitement to your tablescape.


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