Wedding Hair and Makeup: Southern Sirens

If you’re looking for wedding hair and makeup services for your event, try Southern Sirens!


“We’ve been in the wedding industry for 7 years now,” says Amanda McKnight, owner, “We’re grateful to be an established business thanks to our community, clients and amazing employees. We want all couples who consider us to know we’re just fun-loving, laid back ladies who want you to truly enjoy your experience. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed around us. Being relaxed is the easiest way to have fun and your wedding day should be A LOT of fun! Sure, there are some parts that can be stressful but overall, at the end of the day, you are marrying the person that you love, and that's really all that matters.”


“In addition, our team is made up of licensed beauty professionals who specialize in providing hairstyles and airbrush makeup. Our style is to enhance your natural beauty, not change it. Most of our brides prefer a more natural look, they want to look like themselves, but with a bit of glam. This is why we don't offer overpriced spa services and are dedicated only to hairstyling, makeup, and lashes. It’s our passion! That and getting the reactions we get from our clients. Those big smiles and exclamations of feeling beautiful is what drives us to do what we do."


“Before you hire anyone,” says Amanda, “you should have these two things ready! First, pictures of the” look” that you're interested in or would like a trial of. Having a visual is so helpful to any artist! Describing things is great but important details can get lost in the translation. Second, using Pinterest for gauging your end results can lead to false expectations. The truth is, a lot of the beauty images you find are enhanced using Photoshop. They remove all flaws and imperfections for results that just can’t be reproduced in the real world! Think about that when choosing a look for yourself.”


Southern Sirens would love to discuss your details and learn more about your event! “We’re now offering classic and hybrid lash extensions to our brides who have booked weddings with us at a special price” added Amanda.”Keep in mind, we’re one of the few traveling companies with no minimum number!  Whether you have 10 people or just yourself, we will come out to you and get you ready.”

We ask all our members for any memorable moments or clients they’d like to share. Amanda had one ready to go! “We love all of our clients, but we have had the privilege to work with 3 sets of sisters. It's been so much fun to see them again, to provide services for the important events in their lives and catch up on their recent news! It's such a huge compliment to us when our clients keep coming back and referring us. There is no higher compliment! I also have to give credit to all the talented wedding professionals I’ve worked with, they’ve been a huge help and inspiration."


For contact information, check out Southern Sirens on The Bride Link!

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